Weedy.com: Cannabis Education for the Baby Boomer Generation

While access to cannabis varies from state to state, one thing is for certain: people from all walks of life – and a variety of age groups – are starting to become more interested in the cannabis plant as a mainstream medical substance.

In a 2013 Gallup Poll, 44% of adults between ages 50 and 64 reported using cannabis, up from just 9% surveyed in 1985. To provide in-demand services to this demographic, Weedy.com is the newest website solution for dispensary discovery, specifically catering to the cannabis needs of the baby-boomer generation.

Prospective medical cannabis patients can sign on to Weedy, locate a clinic to obtain a doctor’s recommendation, and at the same time locate a great dispensary in the area as well as a smoke shop to purchase the necessary accessories. It’s a user-friendly platform with a clean design and little to no display ads, making it perfectly navigable for the over-50 crowd.

Most of Weedy’s business listings are in California, but they have end users and business profiles in all states where medical cannabis is legal, and their goal is to reach the entire United States.

Platform With A Purpose

Weedy is the first software platform released by Silicon Valley-based Green Web Services, Inc., founded by Ryan Hunt, Charlyn McNamara, Trang Nguyen and Noosphere Ventures. Focused on consumer education, Weedy allows users to search for local doctors, strains, dispensaries, and smoke shops from any location where medical cannabis is legal under state law.

For more than a century, medical cannabis has been stigmatized in the United States, especially amongst baby boomers who experienced drug war propaganda firsthand. This education-based platform fills a void in the industry by counteracting a trend of misinformation among a key demographic of patients. The lack of consumer education within the medical cannabis space only continues to perpetuate the negative stigma surrounding people who choose to consume cannabis.

Weedy not only connects patients to doctors, dispensaries and head shops in their area; it also provides in-depth strain reviews and information for various ailments, as well as friendly and easily digestible YouTube videos that break down specifics about various consumption methods, how to shop for your medicine, and more.

The Issue

Sites such as Weedmaps and Leafly have served the mainstream medical cannabis market for some time, but with their complicated search features, loud and colorful design, and overwhelming array of display ads, these sites can be intimidating to your mom, dad, or grandparent seeking basic information online. That’s why founder Ryan Hunt knew that this generation needed a new and different channel tailored specifically to their needs.

“Boomers are an untapped market, especially for the cannabis industry…70 percent of disposable income in the US comes from this group. The baby boomer demographic is turning to cannabis for 3 key reasons: pain management, rising health costs, and simply living in an empty nest where they can be free to use cannabis again.” – Ryan Hunt – Founder of Weedy.com

The newly-launched company welcomes patients, doctors, and cannabis educators to explore Weedy.com as a lifestyle resource and learn about the ways medical cannabis might benefit their lives.

If you are a dispensary or glass shop owner, make sure you’ve got your Weedy business listing set up as well, or you’ll be missing out on exposure to this vital group of consumers.

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