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We help private investors, family offices and funds source high growth and high quality investment opportunities in the legal cannabis industry. We receive between 40 to 70 inquiries per month, from which we filter out the best opportunities by conducting a thorough interview on them. Before our investors even contact them, they will know about the business owner, their product or service, and their business operation already. Our goal is not to waste our investors’ time, but to simply help them find the right match and investment opportunity. We do not take a commission or a “kick-back” for referring leads to our network of investors. Cashinbis is just a referral source to connect investors with fund seekers.

If you are an angel investor, private investor, or venture capitalist who is looking to invest in startup companies or small businesses in the legal cannabis sector, you have found the right place. Complete the form below if you would like to get weekly notices of fund seekers.

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