Upscale TV Web Series Launches To Inform & Entertain the Cannabis Community

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Today, Upscale Media released Upscale TV, a brand new weekly web series documenting news and issues in the legal cannabis and hemp industries.

The weekly 30-minute show is free for the public to access, and is hosted on the company’s website, Upscale.Media.


Something Different

Unlike many other TV and web series involving cannabis, this show will feature zero depictions of the herb itself – or anyone smoking it, for that matter. Upscale TV takes pride in covering the business niche of the cannabis movement in the most tasteful and professional manner possible.

Featuring exclusive industry panels, interviews with CEOs and top advocates, behind-the-scenes cannabis trade show footage, political commentary, technology, product features, and discussion of the real issues facing the cannabis and hemp communities, this series is the first of its kind in a movement rife with derogatory counter-cultural references and seeking legitimacy as policy shifts both in the U.S. and globally.

Taking Charge

With the launch of Upscale TV comes a few role changes at the company. Cashinbis Co-Founder Guillermo Bravo is taking the reins as Upscale Media’s CEO, bringing a technology background to the emerging cannabis media space with more than 10 years experience in web development, online marketing, and social media strategy.

Another new role was created for Tim Strombel, now the President of Upscale TV. Formerly, Tim worked in sports broadcasting for ESPN Radio prior to developing the Cashinbis brand as Head of Media. With a budding side career in stand-up comedy, Strombel proves an engaging and educated host of the new Upscale TV series.

“I couldn’t be more excited and proud to be part of this project. Upscale TV provides a business-minded, professional look into one of the toughest industries to operate in that America has ever seen. Engaging interviews and informative weekly segments will provide cannabis industry entrepreneurs and hopefuls a blueprint to navigate this difficult landscape. We will even appeal to the mainstream, non-cannabis advocate on a business level. After all, if you can successfully operate in the legal cannabis industry, you can successfully navigate any industry.” -Tim Strombel, President of Upscale TV

What About Cashinbis?

Originally known for the Cashinbis digital publication, which will continue operating as a finance and investing information hub under the company umbrella, the new Upscale platform now hopes to draw a distinction between the complex and heavily regulated business environment where the industry takes place, and the positive, healthy and successful lifestyles that cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts are currently living.

“Our original aim with Cashinbis was to showcase how lucrative cannabis is as a business, but what we learned is that a strong sense of success runs deep throughout this culture, be it in discussions of politics, business and finance, or of one’s personal health and the products they like to surround themselves with. Being a cannabis professional – being an educated professional in any field who uses and supports cannabis, and can say that proudly – this is the new cultural paradigm that Upscale TV represents.” -Roni Stetter, Director of Communications & Community Relations, Upscale Media

Look out for new episodes of the show every Wednesday on Upscale.Media, and individual show segments which will be released on the Upscale Media Facebook page.

  • Great app, Upscale Media released Upscale TV, a brand new weekly web series documenting news and issues in the legal cannabis and hemp industries.

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