Under the Leaf with Med-X: A Hands-on Company

A Closer Look into Med-X Inc.

Combine a state of the art research and development facility that houses beautifully cultivated gardens with the hustle and bustle of an office teaming with driven professionals and you have Med-X, Inc. Led by COO Matthew Mills, Med-X, Inc. has built itself from the ground up and is committed and dedicated to improving the Cannabis community. One of their products, Nature-Cide, is one of the only all-natural pesticides designed specifically to help the cultivation industry. But where others might stop right there, Med-X is committed to researching and developing ways to not only prove their claims, but to also enhance current and future products wherever possible. Matthew loves to be hands on with his company. Luckily for us he took his hands off for just a couple minutes to spend some time with us.

What is Med-X Inc. all about? What is at its core?

Overall, Med-X actually serves a pretty wide variety of functions. First off, we are a research and development company with a cultivation facility for testing and developing new products. We do a ton of R&D on our products, like Nature-Cide for instance. This R&D allows us to truly verify our claims in relation to how it can help the cultivation process.

Med-X is also growing its own media company with marijuanatimes.org. This is going to allow us to share the information throughout the industry, creating a better Cannabis community as a whole. Lastly, we have a Business Development and capital-raising divisions; both of which are aimed towards making sure Med-X is around for the long haul.

How do you start your day? What is the first thing you do?

As a father, the first thing I do is help my teenage daughters start their day. Being that its summer, both of my daughters work for our companies while taking extra credit summer courses. Then I get to work. We built a 600 square foot test facility at my home, so I could develop products and conduct R&D as much as possible. I head straight over and check on our cultivation; recording results from the previous days while continuing our research and development, as well as staying focused on our test patterns that we have planned. I love that this is the first part of my day because the cultivation garden is so lush and beautiful. It really charges my batteries.

I’m a very hands-on guy and I love what I do.

What does a normal day look like to you?

As I mentioned, I spend the first part of my day in the lab, doing cultivation and testing. Then I travel 10 minutes over to the Med-X office. We have a lot going on right now. For instance, we are going through an SEC audit because we are planning on moving the company into the public market. Med-X is also made up of a bunch of different divisions, so I find myself going back and forth between all of them constantly. The first thing I do normally is check on the overall operations of the company as well as the capital raising and PR divisions. We are doing a good deal of PR right now.

After that I spend a good deal of time going back and forth with potential investors as we have been generating interest daily. Then I’ll check on our R&D division, recording results and helping with further testing. Lastly, we just hired a group of staff writers to report on the industry as a whole as well as some the break through in product development we are involved in. I like to be a part of the process to be sure they are getting everything they needed to be successful. As you can tell, we have numerous departments here and I like to participate in every one of them. I’m a very hands-on guy and I love what I do.

What is the one thing we will never find you without?

My smartphone or tablet. I can basically run all of my businesses through them. I return emails, make calls and send documents or photos with these devices constantly. Being part of 5 different ventures I’ve been forced to become very well adapted with technology. The only time I don’t have one of these devices on me is when I am sleeping.

I love the people that I get to work with. I have an incredible staff of true professionals and they make my day-to-day operations so much easier.

What does your workspace look like?

The lab at my home is a beautiful workspace with plush green gardens. It feels like I’m on vacation when I wake up and walk out to it. Great start to my day. The headquarters is a 25,000 square foot facility in Southern California. For me, the office is just as beautiful because we have countless people hustling and bustling throughout the facility at all times. From raising capital to fulfilling orders, my team works extremely hard and there always seems to be a buzz in the building.

What do you love about what you are doing with your business?

The people. I love the people that I get to work with. I have an incredible staff of true professionals and they make my day-to-day operations so much easier. My days go by in the blink of an eye and without these ultra-productive people surrounding me we wouldn’t be as successful. In terms of the business itself, I really enjoy generating capital and dealing with investors. Med-X has been generating a good deal of interest from the investment side and I get a thrill when someone believes in our journey so much they want to work and invest in us. And while I enjoy the research and development side as well, it tends to be much slower so there really isn’t as much instant gratification.

How do you choose the people you work with? What do you look for?

Work ethic, personality and job experience are important to me. Hiring can be very hard so I tend to look for someone who has long-term job history, meaning they have stayed with the same company for a good while. For me lasting experience speaks to a potential employees work ethic and personality. I’m big on personality. Med-X is a team and whomever we hire has to be able to show up and interact with everyone. We tend to stay away from lone wolf types.

From raising capital to fulfilling orders, my team works extremely hard and there always seems to be a buzz in the building.

Overall, work ethic will get you the furthest in my book. Everyone we have brought on has had to earn his or her position in our company. Our CEO, CFO and board members have all worked their way into those positions through other interactions I have had with them. Promoting this way has allowed us to put the right people in charge. Peers often ask me ‘How do you do all you do? You have so many hands in so many different projects’. I tell them it is all about my team. I am truly blessed because they get things done. They truly make my job look easy.

How do you keep yourself motivated throughout the day?

I love every part of my business. Med-X is growing so fast that I’m constantly fueled by what we are achieving. For instance, we just filed for a new patent on a new Nature-Cide product. Every day I am happy to get up in the morning and look at cultivation, talk to investors and just converse with our team. Med-X has done a great job putting together an outstanding group of professionals and I couldn’t be happier about the whole process.

I love every part of my business.

How do you end your day? What’s the last thing you do?

The last thing I do everyday is check in on our cultivations. The systems are automated but I always feel more comfortable walking through them myself to make sure everything is perfect. I normally do this between 8pm and 9pm, going over tests, graphs and charts that need to be completed that day. Then I check the irrigation and the lighting. If I am out of town I have my team double-check it, but I love the piece of mind I get from seeing it myself.

What do you think about how Med-X does business? What do you think of their work environment? Comment below!

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