Under the Leaf: NoGoo NonStick Products

Under the Leaf with Jon Braveman, Founder of NoGoo Nonstick Products

Jon Braveman, known in the industry as JonnyB, always had a love for the cannabis industry. He first realized his passion for cannabis as a young adult growing up in New England. Botany classes and smoke shops fueled his interest in the industry, an industry he never thought he would be professionally apart of. However, when the opportunity to join an industry he loved presented itself, Jon wasted no time jumping at the chance. One of his products, NoGoo, is revolutionizing containers in the cannabis industry. NoGoo, a platinum cured nonstick silicone container, is the best nonstick container on the market. It allows the consumer to use 100% of the jars content, without discarding the sticky residues that constantly get thrown out. NoGoo is just one of many products Braveman has developed in order to fulfill a need in the industry, something that he takes great pride in doing. We recently caught up with Jon on the front porch of his Maui residence; where he spent some time filling us in on how he has manages to stick to the cannabis industry.

Give us a brief spiel about what you do. What is NoGoo Nonstick all about? What is at its core?

At its core, NoGoo is a solution for a common problem. More specifically, I noticed “The ICKY in STICKY” roughly 5 years ago when Marijuana Concentrate products really started to hit the market. Those concentrates are very sticky and tacky, and often times consumers were throwing tons of product away because it was getting stuck on plastic or glass containers. To make a comparison, think of all the peanut butter you throw away because you don’t want to dig it out of the jar. Well these concentrates are much more expensive than peanut butter.


After searching for a solution to this problem, I found that silicone was a great non-stick option that we could make our product out of, thus NoGoo was born. Our first jar had a threaded top so that it wouldn’t open in your pocket. While that was our first product, we have developed countless other non-stick products, all of which provide concentrate users the ability to consume the entire product that they purchase. “Taking the ICKY OUT OF STICKY” is our tag line.

How do you start your day? What is the first thing you do?

First thing I do is grab my phone and run through my emails. After that, I jump on the phone with my warehouse in Indiana. I spend my year living in Maui and Arizona, so I’m constantly on the phone with them, making sure orders are coming in and being shipped out on time. Then I’ll jump in the shower and pop on my laptop. While I spend a lot of time working remotely, I’m always dealing with multiple times zones. With my production facilities being overseas and my warehouse being in Indiana, I’m usually working 16-hour days so that I can communicate with everyone I have to. It’s a nutty schedule.

The commute from my kitchen to my balcony is the best commute I have ever had.

What does a normal day look like to you?

I spend a ‘normal’ day working with my US and Canadian contacts. Then in the evening I work on new product design and coordinate production with my overseas factory. My operations are spread around the globe so I have to navigate plenty of time changes everyday. The last thing I do before I end my day is email my warehouse in Indiana because, while it is late for me, they are just getting into the office. While they get their days started, I’ll grab a couple hours of sleep and then jump right back on the horse.

What is the one thing we will never find you without?

One of my NoGoo jars loaded to the brim and my medical cannabis card.

What does your workspace look like?

Heavenly. 6 months out of the year my office is my balcony or patio here in Maui. I have my laptop, phone and desk set up overlooking the beach that is just across the street. I plop down and spend my day working right there. The commute from my kitchen to my balcony is the best commute I have ever had.

What do you love about what you are doing with your business?

The thing I love most about NoGoo is that there are no constraints. I have a million different product ideas in my head at any given time combined with the ability to make any one of them reality. I love to identify a need, or problem, and then find a solution. The process allows me to be creative, design a product and then literally manufacture a solution.

I love it all. From the creative process to the sales aspects, I am incredibly lucky to be in this business. For me, NoGoo isn’t just a job. It’s a crazy lifestyle and I love it. The travel can be demanding, but I’m always going to a fun event or trade show.  I’m living my dream.

I love to identify a need, or problem, and then find a solution.

How do you choose the people you work with? What do you look for?

I look for other entrepreneurs who have been in the industry for a while and have a solid brand name/reputation that I would like to associate NoGoo with. I am starting to work with a lot of quality product owners to create custom NoGoo products. That will allow us to cross-brand and cross-market. Both brands will elevate from the partnership.

I get pitched new ideas and new opportunities all the time, so for me it is important to pick new projects carefully. Opportunities have to be worth the time and money spent on research and development because that is where the most money goes, into creating new products.

How do you keep yourself motivated throughout the day?

For me, motivation comes from what I see everyday in this industry and the future legalization of cannabis. As for NoGoo, I don’t need much inspiration because I am so nuts about this job. Everyday there are new opportunities in the industry. I have millions of thoughts and ideas going through my head. I just wish I could work on more projects!

As for NoGoo, I don’t need much inspiration because I am so nuts about this job.

How do you end your day? What’s the last thing you do?

The last thing I do is finish up emails to my warehouse in Indiana. By the time I call it a night they are usually just getting into work. After that I sit back, unwind and enjoy the cannabis experience before I grab a couple hours sleep and get right back to action.

How do you start your day? How do you set yourself up for success before you leave work? Join the conversation and comment below!

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