Try These Tips To Get Better Advertising Results

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These Advertising Tips Can Make A World Of Difference

When it comes to business decisions, we as entrepreneurs prefer to think that we are fairly impartial. However, our personal preferences, tastes and feelings are a huge part of what defines us as human beings and many scholars have argued that this is where innovation lies. Studies have shown that our personal subjectiveness can often interfere with the level at which we connect with the masses. No matter if you are aware of it or not, your tendencies have an impact as to whether your message is reaching only a segment of your target audience or your entire demographic.

How do you figure out what works for you?

Test of course! Test everything you can. There are numerous options for your company to experiment with, from weekly newsletters, social posts or website development to print and digital advertisement. You can even track, test and analyze the meetups and expositions your company attends. While the possibilities for testing are endless, this article is not. As such, the rest of this article will focus on digital advertising. Here are three simple ways you can A/B test them:


Do the words on your ads inspire excitement or do they bring about feelings akin to working on yet another weekend?

Let’s take the call-to-action button on an ad for an infused product company as an example. Rather than a generic ‘Click Here’, test something that can bring about a sense of ownership for your potential customer. Try ‘Find Your Yummm’ or ‘Redefine Dessert Here’.

Keep your Call To Action button short and sweet – or sassy if that is what your brand is going for. Two to five words are your best route to success.


Different colors stimulate different emotions. That being said, using color in and of itself will rarely persuade an edible aficionado to switch to your vaporizer. However, a specific color presentation might peak the curiosity of a passer-by and inspire them to go to your website and learn more about vaping and your products.

There are many color psychology tools available to help entrepreneurs figure out which direction they should pursue and what result they should hope to achieve. I would recommend this entertaining infographic from If you prefer to dive a little deeper, take a few minutes to read through “Mapping Emotion to Color” by Niels A. Nijdam.

While the coloring behind your marketing is an important consideration, before you get too far down the rabbit hole it is important to remember that color alone does not indicate success. Rather, the biggest difference stems from how the color affects the visual hierarchy. Or in other words, how eyes perceive the advertisement.

Target Market

One of the most common mistakes in the advertisement and marketing space is when a client attempts to reach far past their target market. In this space, when you try to appeal to all, you risk appealing to none.

Some companies, like Adistry, provide services to the entire cannabis industry. However,  our advertisements, conversations and overall approaches differ depending on the specific goals of our clients. We segment our marketing and advertising efforts in order to eliminate that problem and provide clarity for businesses to pursue their promotional efforts.


Here are two examples of how determining your target market plays a strong role in determining your advertising needs.

Picture a newly launched vaporizer company, who target demographic is 20 something’s that appreciate Rastafarian culture and vinyl records. Compare that with a human resources consulting company. Two different approaches entirely, right? Now you’re catching on.

Now picture an edible company that specializes in high-end granola and green shots. They probably don’t want to advertise in a magazine geared for college aged bargain hunters.  

Though these comparisons might seem commonsensical, the point is that there is no blanket approach to advertising and marketing, especially in the cannabis space. Testing your methods in small amounts before launching, a large-scale campaign will certainly increase your likelihood for long-term success.

How can a person with years of beliefs, experiences and preferences benefit from this information? By enacting this five step process:

I.) Begin by choosing, or creating, one thing for your marketing or advertising testing endeavors  – Test A.

II.) Record a key few baseline metrics. Information such as click-thru-rate, likes, retweets, open rates, conversions, etc.

III.) Tinker with one thing at a time, e.g. copy, color, market, timing, etc.  – Test B

IV.) Compare the results from Test A and Test B. Which one performed better? Are the results significant or negligible?

V.) If the results are significant, keep them and add in a new testing variable.

Continue to test, evolve and hone your marketing and advertising efforts. Eventually you will posses something irresistible and memorable.

Then, after some time has passed, you may begin to observe a lack of engagement. This is the time to start the process again.

Great advertising is a never ending circle of experimentation and improvement.

Do you have questions as to how to get more out of your advertising? What do you think has worked best for you and your business? Join the conversation and comment below!

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