Transform Weakness Into Strength

Weakness is nothing to be ashamed of. It is something to be worked on.

It’s good to improve on your strengths. It’s even better, though, to make improvements in the areas that are your weaknesses.

When you improve on your strengths, you get good incremental gains. Yet when you can transform a weakness into a strength, you get major, life-changing gains.

Be willing to admit what you don’t know, what you are not experienced at doing, and what you don’t understand. Then get busy learning, developing your skills, and increasing your understanding.

Instead of using your weaknesses as excuses, use them as pathways for improvement. Instead of resigning yourself to whatever’s holding you back, challenge yourself to find a way around it.

Be honest and realistic with yourself about where you are coming up short. Then do the work, transforming that weakness into strength and moving forward faster than ever before.

Inspiration By: Ralph Marston
Photo Credit: Andrew Casey

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