Tracking the Social Media Following of 37+ Cannabis Companies

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As the evolution of the cannabis industry continues to take place and cannabis businesses make their way into mainstream America, social media is becoming more important than ever. Businesses are being defined by their reach and ability to target a certain demographic. Awesomepova Research, founded by Kristina Dewald, is a data analytics firm specializing in the cannabis and hemp sectors.  The Awesomepova Social Media Traction Report established the first nationally-recognized set of multi dimensional metrics for measuring progressive monthly traction of user side cannabis software in popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as related platforms like YouTube, Playstore and Appstore. Kristina holds a summa cum laude masters degree in management and is currently taking a second masters in integrated marketing at NYU. The following is Awesomepova’s summary for the month of August. For the entire report, click here.

Executive Summary

This research shows the relative popularity of certain user-side software applications in the cannabis sector as reflected in social media. There are 37 companies in this report. This information has been updated monthly since February 2015. User contributions in terms of metrics, coverage and mistakes are always welcome at

All data are from September 1, 2015. This month we initiated coverage of BlazeNow, Cashinbis, WebJoint, WeedDepot and WeedEverWorld. Dave, DispensaryWeed, IMarijuanaAuctions, Kush World and Sesh App were eliminated from our list because their accounts could not be found in most social media we cover or have insignificant metrics. We continue to monitor them for signs of life.


Budfolio updated its app on August 4, 2015.

MassRoots updated its app on August 13, 2015.

HighThere updated its app on August 21, 2015.

Green2Go website now operates under AskMJane.

WeedEverWorld website says it will be back on October 1, 2015.


Weedmaps leads in YouTube subscribers, Visitor Time on Website and AppStore number of reviews. MassRoots leads in Instagram and Twitter followers.

Leafly leads on Google+, and PlayStore number of reviews.

THCFinder leads on Facebook likes.

SpeedWeed leads on Website page views per visitor.



MassRoots and Leafly. MassRoots had more than 1,000% growth in Google+ views, 11,647 views total.

Leafly had 141% more AppStore reviews, 176 reviews in total.


JointBuds and Budfolio. Both were off in Website Views (JointBuds -30%, now 2.8 page views per visitor and Budfolio -40%, now 3.1) and Time on Site (JointBuds -32%, now 3.44 minutes per visitor, and Budfolio -19%, 4.33).


Instagram (followers)


Eaze created a new account 3 weeks ago which is already followed by 6,402 followers (1678% increase).

HighThere had the second biggest growth for this month, which is 15%. Their account had 2,114 followers this month.

KushCommon had an 11% increase. Currently it was followed by 13,600 followers.

MassRoots had stable 10% growth month over month that gave this month a total of 264,000 followers.

Leafly increased by 9%, to 60,000 followers.


CannaSOS followers decreased by 1.4% , and had 4,299 followers.

Facebook (likes)


Eaze was 11% up this month, that in total showed 2,967 page likes.

SpeedWeed and Leafly had growth of 3.4% and 4% (3,012 and 59,915 total likes respectively). CannaSOS (3,872), MassRoots (115,710) and WeedMaps were up to 3% (100,334).


Hemply (9,655) down 1%.

Twitter (followers)


Whaxy (5,153) had the biggest growth in Twitter followers of 7%. MassRoots (116,087) up to 6%.

MassRoots (116,087) up to 6%. KushCommon (43,295) increased 5%. Leafly (29,825) were up to 4.5%. Eaze (6,561) had growth of 4%.


Weave (9,215) down 2.5%

YouTube (views)


Hemply increased number of views from 0 to 16,400 during last month. Leafly (1,130,334) received 22% more views.

MassRoots (6,392) had 15% increase in views.

SpeedWeed (2,790) had 9% growth in views

Eaze (10,172) was up 5%.



Google+ (views)


MassRoots (11,647) had more than 1,000% growth of views.

Blenddy (5,759) was up 20%.

SpeedWeed (19,128) increased 19%.

Leafly (2,433,418) improved by 7%.

Whaxy (44,963) went up 5.3%.



AppStore (reviews)


Leafly (176) had 141% more reviews.

MassRoots (53) increased its number of reviews by 43%.

WeedMaps (978) up by 12% in number of reviews.

BestBuds (40) number of reviews were up 5%.



PlayStore (reviews)


Eaze increased from 0 to 76 reviews month over month.

MassRoots (4,465) increased 21%.

HighThere (561) increased 10%.

WeedMaps (12,603) increased 2.5%.



Website (page views per visitor and daily time per visitor)

Page Views Rising

THCFinder (4.9) increased its website page views by 40%.

WeedWeb (4) increased by 33%.

Meadow Care (3.1 views today) up 15%.

Page Views Falling

Budfolio (3) down 40%, JointBuds (2.8) down 30%, Weedhire (3.4) down 8.1%, and Leafly (4.3) down 3.2%.

Daily Time Rising

THCFinder (in September 4.35) website visitor time was up 36% compared to August.

Cannabase (4.18) was up 23%.

Daily Time Falling

JointBuds (3.44) was down 32%, Budfolio (4.33) was down by 19%, Leafly (4.52) down 12%, Weedmaps (6.53) down 8%,

Weedhire (5.02) was down 3%.



Again, to check out the full report as released by Kristina Dewald of Awesomepova Research, click this link or the image.


Notable Cashinbis Figures From Report (As Of Sept 1st):

Facebook Likes: 24,165 (8th Overall)

Instagram Follows: 4,130 (9th Overall)

Twitter Follow: 1,543 (21st Overall)

Google+ Views: 16,926 (8th Overall)

Websites Linking In: 452 (2nd Overall)

*These overall rankings refer to those businesses covered in Awesomepova’s report. They include all aspects of the cannabis industry, not just news organizations.

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