The Eco-Friendly Pest Solution for your Cannabis Grows

The Natural Alternative to Pest Management

Pest Management is a common problem that affects most, if not all, people at one time or another in their lives. In the past, pest management and control involved deploying countless chemicals or poisons to areas you would least like exposed to such danger; such as your home, garden or crops. That is where we at Med-X, Inc. have put our foot down on the ground. We spent over four years researching, developing and testing Nature-Cide, an all-purpose commercial concentrate pesticide that is 100% natural. A community oriented company, Med-X is focused on providing a safer, environmentally friendly solutions to the pest management arena. Whether you use pesticide in your home, garden or business, we want you to live a safer and healthier life — Not a life constantly exposed to harmful chemical products, but a life surrounded by natural products with proven results that not only yield a safer environment, but great peace of mind.

Not only did we realize we had a product we could embrace, but also that it was a natural environmentally friendly product that could lend itself to countless other applications.

Nature-Cide is a product that has spent over four years in the making. It started out in Southern California as a 100% natural solution to bothersome issues like fleas, ticks, roaches and rattlesnakes, just to name a few. Not only did we realize we had a product we could embrace, but also that it was a natural environmentally friendly product that could lend itself to countless other applications. We took that dream and ran it through four years of research and development, directly field testing Nature-Cide over that span until we found the perfect formula. Along the way, my eyes opened to the variety of industries that could directly benefit from a product like Nature-Cide. At the forefront of those opportunities lies the agriculture industry, especially as it relates to Cannabis cultivation.

Nature-Cide naturally combats the pests associated with Cannabis growth, from nematodes and whiteflies to various species of mites (including the popular spider mites). Insects breathe through their bodies through spiracles, kind of like pores on our skin. When Nature-Cide is applied, it attaches to the insect’s exoskeleton and is absorbed into its system. This causes a neurological and breathing effect on the insect, effectively killing it almost instantaneously upon application.

Nature-Cide is by far one of the most researched, proven and transparent products to ever enter the space.

Now, why is Nature-Cide different from anything else on the market? Why is it better? The answer to that question is as simple as it is complex. The concise answer is that Nature-Cide backs its claims of being completely natural. Nature-Cide is by far one of the most researched, proven and transparent products to ever enter the space. Our claims are supported by independent third party studies and our product is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in States where required, a step most products in the space choose to leave out. In addition, we have taken Nature-Cide through a uniquely long research and development period over the years and have been recognized by the regulatory bodies to actually perform as labeled according to regulation. That is a distinction earned by few that we take great pride in and is especially rare in the natural product category.

These are just some of the steps we have taken to truly differentiate Nature-Cide from would-be counterparts; Our company is  a robust team of physicians, mathematicians and biochemists, as well as licensed applicators here in the state of California. In fact, being a licensed applicator for agriculture here in the state of California myself, I know first hand how hard it is to find a product on the shelf that can support its claim to being ‘natural’ the way Nature-Cide does. There are no secrets behind Nature-Cide. We wanted to present a product so transparent that it would provide not only great performance, but peace of mind. Simply put, Nature-Cide is tried and tested more than most other natural products on the market. We don’t simply claim that, we prove it. We don’t provide bits and pieces of select research, we provide ALL the data behind it. This truly sets Nature-Cide apart in the industry.

Nature-Cide is tried and tested more than most other natural products on the market.

Nature-Cide is receiving a ton of positive feedback throughout the Cannabis industry. Cultivators in California are already using Nature-Cide and recently the Colorado Department of Agriculture  announced that the Nature-Cide All-Purpose Insecticide is officially approved as a product for Cannabis cultivation there as well. This would be yet another distinction that would set us apart in the industry. In tailoring this product specifically for the Cannabis industry, our aim is to give cultivators a genuine, natural alternative to the poisonous chemicals that had been more common to the industry. Recently in Colorado for example, cultivators had over 60,000 plants quarantined due to pesticide and mold. This is just one example of an instance in which Nature-Cide can thrive as a solution.

However, our vision for Nature-Cide isn’t limited to the Cannabis industry. The beauty that surrounds Nature-Cide is that it is all natural. So, whether you are working in your garden at home or are a cultivator working in bulk, you can apply Nature-Cide daily without worrying about harsh poisonous side effects. You can use it on the floor, on the wall, indoors and out. It’s that safe. Nature-Cide even brandishes an extremely light aroma, unlike most other products on the market that you simply cannot tolerate over multiple uses. From hospitality to military and pest control, there truly are countless applications for this product! Currently, Nature-Cide serves as the standard for Cannabis cultivation in the USA.

We believe that Nature-Cide truly is a game changer.

The vision for Nature-Cide is vast and ongoing. Our Company has spent years researching and developing this product and we are gaining traction quickly in some very large arenas, such as hospitality, lawn and garden, military, forest services and even parks and recreation departments. Recently we filed a Patent application for a another newly developed Nature-Cide product, a soil blend that not only infuses the Nature-Cide All Purpose Insecticide into the soil blend, but is blended with some of the most well known and proven natural growing elements to produce high quality crops. Being one of the most researched, vetted and transparent product lines in the insect and pest management and control space, we believe that the Nature-Cide line-up truly is a game changer, but our passion doesn’t stop at our product line. We are a Company that is community oriented. Our goal is to get Nature-Cide into the hands of everyone who could benefit from a safer, natural alternative to poisonous chemicals in or around their home. We are confident that Nature-Cide products can make a great difference to an increasingly large amount of people. We are in it for the long term and if the research, development and consumer reviews are any indication, Nature-Cide is poised to go all the way!

By: Matthew Mills

What do you think about switching to an all natural pesticide? We would love to hear your questions or concerns. Comment below to join the conversation!


  • Mark Tele

    Clove oil & cottonseed oil? Has anyone tried this product? Appears the mfgr has tried to market this product for general home use & to kill bedbugs.

    • We love it so much we are now buying by the drum. Amazing results. We use All Purpose on the inside and Pest Management on the exterior.

  • In talking with Matthew I learned that the applications for Nature-Cide are almost limitless as it relates to pest control. We haven’t tried the product in house(because we’re too clean for bugs!), but vetted it before posting the article and the research behind it is rock solid and goes more in depth than any comparable product in the space! If you get a chance to try it we would love to hear your thoughts!

  • C Ray

    natur-cide 0.5% clove oil.

  • We starting using Nature-Cide as a part of our programs on pest control and lawn care about a year ago. Unbelievable results. We are now buying by the drum.

  • spitfireroad

    Is this product sprayed on plants then as well as into the ground? Is it a derivative water soluble solution or a petroleum-based chemical? Can I drink it with no ill effects? What is the dwell and concentration amounts that start affecting humans (pets, plants)? Must I wear a mask? Can my pets hang with it? Sheesh. Does everyone fully realize that whatever is sprayed on a plant stays on a plant? If it’s systemic it’s metabolized through the entire plant. If it’s extrinsic, there’s no amount of washing or flushing that’s going to reduce the absorption rate of chemicals into the plants – especially cannabis. It’s one the best fauna for absorbing most anything including radiation. What does Nature-Cide convert to when it’s burned? Can they even tell you without killing their own business? Don’t use poisons. Take vitamins if you do.

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