4 Cannabis Jobs Paying Americans Over $100,000 A Year

Careers in the legal cannabis business run the gamut of customer service, tourism, research, accounting, marketing and so many other associated fields and positions. With snowballing interest in finding a fruitful career working with cannabis, individuals are seeking out job opportunities that come padded with high wages.

How Can I Find a Job?

Securing any position in the legal cannabis industry can be a tough pursuit–and this is especially true with some of the higher ranking careers out there. The positions listed below are not entry level cannabis jobs for the novice. On the contrary, these six-figure positions require years of experience, advanced degrees and a unique business savvy.

By shedding some light on what opportunities are out there, I hope to contribute to a trend of developing educational resources to strengthen an inclusive cannabis job market. The legal cannabis industry has a lot of potential to bring in local and state revenue through tourism and increased demand for products by creating sustainable careers.

Cannabis Extraction Technicians

One of the most unique, skilled and potentially dangerous jobs in the cannabis industry is that of the cannabis extraction technician. This position maintains important implications for the medical cannabis community, as it contributes to the creation of cannabis concentrates. Concentrates, such as wax, shatter, crumble, oil or “dabs” which offer proportionally higher doses of THC for patients who require a more sustained high.

Technicians essentially take cannabis flower and other plant matter and use methods such as CO2 and Butane to extract cannabinoids like THC, CBD and terpenes to create a wide variety of concentrates including wax, shatter, oil. The job requires the use of dangerous chemicals and fire, making it necessary that technicians have advanced degrees in chemistry and a background in the cannabis industry.

This job is experiencing a boom in appeal alongside a demand for more cannabis products. Given the job’s required experience level and associated danger, technicians average around $100,000 a year in salary.

Cannabis Dispensary Owner

Leading the consumer driven cannabis industry are cannabis dispensary owners. This brave” position reflects an immense amount of time, effort and money necessary to take a business from the ground floor, into the higher ranks. Dispensary owners must overcome convoluted state and municipal legislation, deal with zoning laws, advertising, staffing and anything else that requires their attention.

Perhaps more than any other six figure cannabis job, dispensary owners have the largest range of income commensurate with revenue brought in by the shop. Successful dispensary owners can surely reach cannabis industry salaries over 100K, but they can also make a fraction of that if their shop struggles to bring in business.

Master Grower

Well, you can’t have cannabis products without cannabis. Master growers lead grow operations big and small in cultivating a successful crop to be harvested, trimmed and cured, before shipping out to cannabis dispensaries.

While growing cannabis can be rewarding, it is incredibly hard work and relies on a number of controlled and uncontrolled variables. Growers lead their team from germination all the way through harvest to ensure plants grow healthily without pests or disease. They must constantly be aware of elements like light, heat, food and water, which requires a keen eye.

Master growers have an extensive background in cannabis growing and usually have degrees in horticulture or agriculture. The success or failure of a crop makes a huge imprint on a business’ bottom line, so it is essential to have a qualified individual leading the growing team. With all this responsibility involved, master growers make salaries over $120,000 dollars per year plus bonuses!

Edibles Chefs

Cannabis edibles chefs use their culinary skills and passion for cannabis to create tasty treats chock full with THC. Though many people desire finding a job that mixes their love of cooking and cannabis together, this is by no means an entry-level pursuit. Chefs follow strict compliance measures and are held to a high standard of following state regulations. In fact, most edibles chefs aren’t even allowed to taste test their products.

For this reason, chefs must be highly qualified culinary experts who are sure in their recipes and cannabinoid concentration. Depending on the size of the operation, edibles chefs can make anywhere from $50,000 to over $100,000.

Are There More Out There?

The benefit of booming industries like the cannabis business is the opportunity for industry-wide growth, which creates more possibilities for high paying jobs. Associated sectors of the cannabis industry like cannabis-based law firms, accountants, security companies and marketing businesses are taking advantage of industry growth by putting all their eggs into the cannabis basket. For many individuals, this leap of faith has brought in major returns.

As the industry continues to develop, increased opportunities to strike green” will make themselves apparent with more comprehensive cannabis legalization. Be sure to keep an eye out for any current or future opportunities that can help you find your dream cannabis career.

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