September Social Media Rankings Report for Cannabis Companies

The cannabis space is quickly becoming a mainstream topic in the business and media realms. As this industry slowly ventures into the mainstream, factors like branding and social media marketing are becoming increasingly important for cannabis businesses. The industry’s major brand names are now being scrutinized, ranked and defined by their reach and ability to target a certain demographic.

The newest installment of monthly social media reporting from data analytics firm  Awesomepova Research builds on last month’s analysis, showing how the industry’s most recognized online brands grew during the month of September. The Awesomepova Social Media Traction Report measures progressive monthly traction of user side cannabis software in popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as related platforms like YouTube, Play Store and App Store. Kristina Dewald holds a summa cum laude masters degree in management and is currently taking a second masters in integrated marketing at NYU.

The following is Awesomepova’s summary for the month of September. For the entire report, click here.

Executive Summary

This research shows the relative popularity of certain user-side software applications in the cannabis sector as reflected in social media. There are 40 companies in this report. This information has been updated monthly since February 2015. User contributions in terms of metrics, coverage and mistakes are always welcome at

All data are from October 3, 2015. This month we initiated coverage of Flow Kana, PotBox and Leaf Buyer. We changed track of iOS reviews from reviews of current versions of app to reviews for all versions. All the statistics for website metrics are taken from


BlazeNow updated its iOS app on September 30,  2015.

Budfolio updated its iOS app on September 8, 2015.

MassRoots updated its iOS app on Sept. 14, 2015 and its Android app on Sept. 28, 2015.

Leafly updated it iOS app on September 16, 2015.


MassRoots leads in Instagram followers and Twitter followers.

THCFinder leads in Facebook likes.

Weedmaps leads on Facebook chatter (most people are talking about it),YouTube views and subscribers, iOS app reviews, and Android app downloads.

Leafly leads on Google+ views and subscribers, Android app reviews, has largest number of sites linking to it.

BlazeNow leads on Website page views per visitor.

WebJoint leads in Daily time on site.



BlazeNow, Cashinbis, HighThere and WheresWeed.

BlazeNow increased its daily time on website by 156%.

Cashinbis was 153% up this month in Facebook, and in total gained 61,126 page likes. HighThere had 150% more iOS app reviews.

WheresWeed had the biggest growth this month in number of Android app reviews: 1,005%


HighThere, THCFinder and WeedHire.

HighThere (151) lost 11% in sites linking to their website.

THCFinder was down 8% in website Page Views and amount of website linking.

WeedHire website’s statistics on daily time dropped by 18%


Instagram (followers)


Cashinbis had the biggest growth for this month, which is 14%. Their account is followed by 4,706 followers.

MassRoots had the second biggest growth for this month, which is 8%. Their account had 284,000 followers this month.

Leafly had a 7% increase. Currently it was followed by 64,300 followers.

Budfolio grew 3% month over month that gave this month a total of 4,660 followers.

KushCommon also increased by 3%, to 14,000 followers.


CannaSOS (4,208) and Whaxy (7,238) followers decreased this month by 2%.

Facebook (likes)


Cashinbis was 153% up this month, that in total showed 61,126 page likes.

BlazeNow had growth of 24% that in total shows 11,736 likes.

WeedMaps was up to 4% (103,866).

MassRoots and Leafly had growth of 3% (119,486 and 61,452 total likes respectively).

WeedDepot is up to 1% (17,781).



Twitter (followers)


Eaze (7,135) had the biggest growth in Twitter followers of 9%.

Leafly (31,962) was up to 7%.

MassRoots (123,408) up to 6%.

Whaxy (5,433) grew 5%.

THCFinder (8,076) and WeedMaps (52,177) were up to 2% respectively.

KushCommon (43,759) and SpeedWeed (11, 833) increased 1%.


Weave (9,113) down 1%.

YouTube (views)


MassRoots (8,290) had 30% increase in views.

Leafly (1,337,393) received 18% more views.

Eaze (11,939) up 17%.

SpeedWeed (2,948) had 6% growth in views.

Weedmaps (24,096,541) was up 3%.

GrowBuddy (32,217) was up 2%.

THCFinder (358,417) up 1%.



Google+ (views)


SpeedWeed (22,568) had more than 18% growth in views.

Whaxy (51,170) was up 14%.

MassRoots (12,658) and Cashinbis (18,376) were up 9%.

Leafly (2,587,983) improved by 6%.

Weedmaps (836,592) increased 3%.

CannaSOS (306,292) up 2%.

WeedTracker (92,307) and THCFinder (37,272) went up 1%



iOS AppStore (reviews)


HighThere (20) had 150% more reviews.

WheresWeed (9) increased its number of reviews by 29%.

WeedMaps (1,078) up by 10% in number of reviews.

BestBuds (41) number of reviews were up 3%.


Leafly (48) were down 73% and MassRoots (37) down by 30%, because both updated their iOS apps in September.

Play Store (reviews)


WheresWeed had the biggest growth this month in number of reviews for its android app, that is 1,005%.

Eaze (100) increased 32%.

MassRoots (5,284) increased 18%.

HighThere (592) increased 6%.

Budfolio (130) was up 4%.

Weedmaps (12,937) and Leafly (35,110) were up 3% and 2%.



Website (page views per visitor and daily time per visitor)

Page Views Rising

BlazeNow (7) website visitor page views was up 312% compared to September.

WebJoint (4.8) was up 92%.

JointBuds (3) up 7%.

Meadow Care (3.3) increased by 6%.

Page Views Falling

THCFinder (4.5) was down 8%.

SpeedWeed (5.8) was down by 3%.

Weedmaps (4.53) down 1%.

Daily Time Rising

BlazeNow (8.09) increased its website daily time on website by 156%.

WeedJoint (10.6) increased by 137%.

JointBuds (4.2) up 22%.

Weedmaps (7.03) were up 8%.

Budfolio (4.44) increased by 3%.

Daily Time Falling

WeedHire (4.07) down 19%.

THCFinder (4.1) down 6%.

SpeedWeed (5.32) down 3%.

Website Backlinks


Cashinbis (510), 13% more sites linking to their website this month.

SpeedWeed (74) acquired 4.2% more links.

WeedTracker (97) and MassRoots (325) were up 2%, respectively.

Eaze (105) gained 1%.


HighThere (151) lost 11% sites linking to their website.

THCFinder (296) and Leafly (1,347) lost 8%.

Again, to check out the full report as released by Kristina Dewald of Awesomepova Research, click this link.

Notable Cashinbis Figures From Report (As Of October 3rd 2015):

Facebook Likes: 61,126 (6th Overall)

Instagram Follows: 4,706 (7th Overall)

Twitter Follows: 1,726 (19th Overall)

Google+ Views: 18,376 (9th Overall)

Websites Linking In: 510 (2nd Overall)

*These overall rankings refer to those businesses covered in Awesomepova’s report. They include all aspects of the cannabis industry, not just news organizations.

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