Report Reveals Dutch Coffee Shops Sales

The Netherlands Drug policy aims to keep away the sale and use of hard drugs. Cannabis remains a controlled substance in the Netherlands, and the system of legal cannabis regulation is tolerated through “coffee shops”. There has been several debates regarding the Dutch coffee shop model and their semi-legal status. Although selling cannabis remains “illegal, but not punishable” for the coffee shops, the pragmatic approach selling system is subject to a number of rules.

For the first time we have a clear view on how much money is spent in the Dutch coffee shops every year. A recent report from the research office Intraval (based in Groningen) brought in light some very interesting details concerning the revenue from the sales of cannabis products. The research team consisted of sociologists, psychologists, criminologists, social geographers and lawyers specialized in investigating criminality and addiction issues.

The research took place in 2013, with the participation of over 30 coffee shops and 700 customers to detail their cannabis purchasing trends. Research office Intraval, calculated at the request of newspaper Trouw, that an average coffee shop in the Netherlands has sales of 1.7 million euros per year.

Based on these figures, Trouw requested that Intraval make an estimation on the total revenue of 600 coffee shops in the Netherlands. According to the research, the amount annual sales revenue lies between 875 million and 1.25 billion euros. The average turnover per shop is thus between 1.4 to 2 million euros. Although the debate continues, this is a big discussion that includes legal, social and economic parameters for the cannabis industry. While tourists typically purchase from coffee shops, locals may grow their own cannabis, as 5 plants for personal use is tolerated. As a grower, you’re limited to one growing technique per grow operation, for example, a hydroponics grow tent, grow lighting,an extractor system, and high quality cannabis seeds to meet your needs.

Although the debate continues, there is a big discussion that includes legal, social and economic parameters of growing your own cannabis. Many people believe that is better if someone can choose the cannabis seeds of their own taste and grow operation.

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