Positive Power On The Inside


No matter what may be happening on the outside, you are in charge of the way you are on the inside. And the way you are inside makes all the difference in the value and fulfillment you experience in each day.

Will you be overwhelmed by the problems or energized by the opportunities? That depends on the attitude with which you choose to live.

Will you be a victim of life’s circumstances or will you take positive control of your own destiny? The inner you makes that choice.

You can decide whether to live each day in the darkness of despair or in the light of possibility. You can choose between being a victim or a victor.

It is easy to blame your outer circumstances for the way your life unfolds. Yet the most influential factor is the perspective from which you respond to the way life unfolds.

At any time and place, in any situation, you can choose a positive, empowering, life-affirming perspective. Keep positive power on the inside, and you can successfully deal with whatever happens everywhere else.

Inspiration By: Ralph Marston
Photo Credit: Andrew Casey

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