Our Audience

Our Audience & Reach

Take a moment and look around you. You are one of the unique individuals who has found their place in this rapidly growing, incredibly innovative, history-in-the-making industry. You’re one of the pioneers, you’re one of the change-makers, and you’re someone who has made all the right moves to get you to where you are now. What’s the next step? How can you invest further in your business and utilize this first-mover’s advantage you’ve been granted for a short period of time?

Well, you can invest in your reach! You can showcase your business in the light it deserves! You can work with Cashinbis, the millennial digital publication that is captivating audiences not only nationwide, but worldwide. We are very proud of what we signify in the cannabis industry – a higher standard of doing business – and if you are one of those like-minded professionals… we are interested in you becoming an advertising partner!

Our Audience

Cashinbis launched on June 1, 2014 and we have grown exponentially since then. We currently have a combined social media base of over 100,500 (excluding 5,000 newsletter subscribers) and our content is shared and discussed daily by followers of all means. Our website traffic has an exceptionally low bounce rate, a high number of page views per visitor, and more than 86% of our visitors are over the age of 25.

What’s unique about our visitors is that they are interested in learning, they’re interested in business and staying ahead on the green rush, and they’re interested in knowing more about businesses like yours. So, put yourself in front of them! These are your customers, your biggest fans, the ones who will be discussing your brand when you’re not there. Make a good impression!

Social Media Reach

Facebook: 91,245
Twitter: 1,992
Instagram: 6,732
LinkedIn: 287
Email: 5000

Our audience is made up of professionals who are highly engaged and receptive to the content that we produce. Many of our followers are directly involved in the events and subjects that we write about as cannabis industry entrepreneurs, activists, and investors. This is why we are looking for sponsors who specialize in the cannabis industry and who can help our followers grow and succeed in their own business endeavors.

Reach Classification

Reach cannabis entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts, and medical marijuana advocates globally. Our website captures 25,000 unique hits per month with an average of 1:30 – 2:30 time duration.

  • 25,000 qualified readers including dispensary owners, commercial growers, retailers, edible firms, ancillary products and services, plus major investors.
  • This is not a lifestyle or consumer publication. Your ad will reach business people and medical marijuana advocates.
  • Your exposure will also be in front of the leaders of today’s $5 billion cannabis industry which includes key entrepreneurs in all legal states.
  • We have a skilled editorial team that can customize your content to attract your audience, motivate them, get them emotionally attached and connected to your segment directive.

Geographic Reach

Our website extends globally but the information below is a report in the United States only.

Audience Insight

The provided is an Age and Gender, Education, and Device used overview of our audience.



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