Not Always


Things will not always go the way you had hoped they would. Do your best anyway, give your best, live your best and be your best.

People will not always act the way you think they should. Give them your love, respect and understanding anyway, for it is the best choice going forward.

The past and the present are not always to your liking. Even so, especially so, the future is always yours to create.

The people and conditions around you will not always be supportive, but you don’t have to let them drag you down. You can choose to move forward, no matter what others may or may not choose.

Life might just give you a big, valuable break, but don’t count on it. Make it your business to give yourself an endless series of positive breaks, and anything else you get will be a bonus.

Though things may not always go your way, life can always be good and fulfilling. Because you can always choose with your thoughts, your attitude and your actions, to make it that way.

Inspiration By: Ralph Marston
Photo Credit: Andrew Casey

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