NoGoo Non-Stick Products – Taking the Icky out of Sticky

NoGoo Takes the Icky Out of Sticky

NoGoo Non-Stick products have revolutionized the way in which cannabis concentrates are carried and stored. Their product line, created by Jon ‘Jonny B’ Braveman, consists of platinum cured medical grade silicone containers that truly take the icky out of sticky. A cannabis user himself, Jonny B was inspired to create a solution to a widespread problem in the market. People were throwing away their purchase! Before the development and application of NoGoo, consumers were losing up to 5% of their product on average when they would throw away their disposable plastic concentrate container (just like peanut butter). NoGoo Non-Stick Products are taking over the cannabis market, shipping all over the U.S. as well as seven different countries worldwide. With future legalization all over the world seemingly a foregone conclusion, NoGoo plans to be there to provide the world with a convenient, non-stick and reusable product so cannabis consumers can truly get what they pay for.

What is NoGoo?

Plain and simple, NoGoo takes the icky out of sticky. NoGoo is a series of non stick silicone products to be used by the rapidly expanding cannabis concentrates market.

Problem Solved!

NoGoo solves the problem of money loss and product waste. Before NoGoo, concentrates sold at dispensaries came in disposable plastic jars, which resulted in concentrates sticking to the plastic, similar to how peanut butter sticks to the inside of the jar. Customers all over the world were losing out on their investment every time they threw away a jar, averaging up to 5% product loss per container! This was an expensive problem to have because, unlike peanut butter, concentrates can be very expensive. NoGoo Non-Stick Products allow the consumer to use the entire product they purchase, not some.

Jonny B set out to rid the world of inefficient, disposable plastic jars and replace them with NoGoo, a reusable, non-stick silicone jar.

The ‘Ah Ha!’ Moment

The creator of NoGoo, Jon ‘Jonny B’ Braveman had his ‘Eureka’ moment over five years ago while working on a project in San Diego, California. At the time, Jonny B was the owner of a sole product, The Digger One Hitter. He had ventured out west to develop a line of silicone ashtrays, so consumers could tap out their glass pipe without breaking it on a glass ashtray.

Around that same time, concentrates were beginning to make a big entrance into the cannabis market. That’s when he and his friends noticed that unlike glass or plastic, the concentrates wouldn’t stick to the silicone. So Jonny B set out to rid the world of inefficient, disposable plastic jars and replace them with NoGoo, a reusable, non-stick silicone jar.

How It Works

NoGoo Non-Stick Products are made from platinum cured medical grade silicone, the highest quality silicone on the market today. The silicone provides a non-stick surface, allowing the consumer to collect and use 100% of the product they have purchased. NoGoo comes in an assortment of sizes and colors to fit every need in the market. Additionally, containers come with a patent-pending threaded top, so as not to unscrew in your pocket for example. A pocket full of goo is a messy and sticky situation. NoGoo solves that problem.

The product is designed by the consumer, for the consumer and NoGoo is diligently keeping their ear to the ground so that they can keep you ahead of an ever-changing cannabis landscape.

Who’s NoGoo For?

NoGoo is for everybody that consumes concentrates.

Much of the medical cannabis industry is going towards the way of concentrates, as they cut out many of the harmful carcinogens associated with the smoking of the cannabis flower. Furthermore, non-medical cannabis consumers are seeing the impact of concentrates as well. Given the natural foods movement that is evolving concurrently with the cannabis industry, one can easily predict that the more health oriented cannabis concentrate market will certainly grow quickly in the foreseeable future. To quote Jonny B, ‘The real medicine is the concentrate. It is going to be a big part of the future and NoGoo wants to be right there to take care of people’.

NoGoo is positioning itself to do just that. In an industry that values quality and transparency, NoGoo has passed both of those tests with flying colors. The products are made with platinum cured medical grade silicone, which is the finest quality available on the market. And the people? NoGoo’s group of professionals have been around the cannabis industry for a long time and they make their products with a real passion. More importantly, they live the brand. The product is designed by the consumer, for the consumer and NoGoo is diligently keeping their ear to the ground so that they can keep you ahead of an ever-changing cannabis landscape.

Best Marketing Tactic

NoGoo has experienced its greatest success via its distribution network. By working with large-scale distributors they have been able to work collaboratively with multiple brands, allowing them to effectively market one another to a higher level. Also, Jonny B travels all over the world, attending tradeshows and expos where he builds face to face relationships with people from all walks of life. Jonny believes that, if you sell yourself to people first, then the product will sell itself. NoGoo, and its founder Jonny B, are cannabis consumers as well as professionals and they are actively involved in the feedback and trends of the cannabis community. That transparency is a big reason why NoGoo is seeing such a positive market response.

Current Impact And Future Vision

NoGoo has created a new genre in the cannabis category. Currently, many companies are trying to develop or have developed silicone products in an attempt to compete with NoGoo’s success. However, given the head start and industry leading notoriety of NoGoo, they are positioned to stay well ahead of the game.

“We are always looking down the road, working on new products all the time.” – Jon ‘Jonny B’ Braveman

The long-term vision for NoGoo is worldwide distribution. NoGoo already ships to seven countries around the globe and all states within the U.S. Upcoming legalization efforts around the world, combined with a growing consumer demand for concentrated cannabis, means that the market for a non-stick, platinum cured medical grade silicone container will only grow with time. Fortunately for NoGoo and Jonny B, the manufacturing and distribution channels are in place and they are poised to impact the global cannabis market, whenever it arrives.

What do you think is the best marketing tactic in the cannabis industry? How would you market a product like NoGoo? Join the conversation and comment below!

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