Project CBD Special Report Confirmed False: Clearing the Air Around RSHO

The Facts

As the cannabis industry grows, it’s unfortunately simply a matter of time before facts get misconstrued, voices get tangled in the mess of presumptions, and rumors sweep across the nation as a result.

For decades, groups of activists and empowered leaders have fought to bring the negative stigma against cannabis to an end — and just as we began making headway, Project CBD released a “special report” that essentially stopped all progress and kicked us back 5 spaces on the playing board. The allegations, though empty and backed by unqualified professionals and graphs, instilled doubt into the rise of CBD, a compound in cannabis that has been used to treat various conditions, including children with epilepsy.

This “report” resulted in parents doubting the miraculous healing effects they had seen happen in their children’s eyes. It caused hemp to come under incredible scrutiny and it put a damper on this progressive movement that sought to educate the larger community about the medicinal effects of cannabis.

The Damage Done

As time has passed, podcasts have been aired, follow-up articles have been published, and interestingly enough, Project CBD has now even come out with their own competing products, Care by Design… But now, the facts, the cold hard facts have arose and the next step has been made to bring justice to Project CBD’s disastrously corrupted “special report.”

After the report was published in October 2014, Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC:MJNA), the company that first pioneered the space and created the CBD category, filed the largest lawsuit the cannabis industry has ever seen, with their newly appointed CEO, Stuart Titus.

The Recovery

And now, the first major update in the case has been announced: A settlement with Stewart Environmental, the environmental-testing lab that mistakenly released preliminary results on Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) that incorrectly reported that there were heavy metals present in the CBD hemp oil.

As part of the settlement, the CEO of the lab, David Stewart, released both a written and video statement in which he clarified that the claims published in the Project CBD report about RSHO containing heavy metals are unequivocally false.


The video statement paints even more of a story, detailing how Jason Cranford was mistakenly given a preliminary lab report that then ended up being posted to Facebook and falsely advertised as a final lab report. It’s moments like these where we cannot stress enough how important it is to know the facts and to take everything you ‘hear’ with a grain of rice. We are all too familiar with the ‘reefer madness’ propaganda that has placed our industry under its current stigma, so we must all remember to educate, elevate, and investigate everything we come by.

Late last night, Cashinbis also learned that Jason Cranford has also settled in the case and is set to release his version of the story in an upcoming video testimonial. Cranford was one of the participants who posted the inaccurate results from Stewart’s labs and it’s certainly the next step to ensuring that justice is served to him and all parties involved in the deterioration of the CBD movement.

The Lesson Learned

Unfortunately, the reports were posted months ago and the damage has already been done. Our next step, as an industry moving progressively forward, is to take this as a lesson and a reminder that this space is not one for mudslinging. In order to succeed and prove to the rest of the world that cannabis has medicinal benefits that can heal many, we must unite and empower each other from the inside out. This is a movement and it all lies on us as a positive collective.

  • UDEM

    Jason Cranford is not the only one who has slammed RSHO about the chemical content. Maybe Brandon Krenzler and Alan Brochstein also should be held accountable!

  • Graeme Masciuch

    What’s to say this isn’t damage control by the RSHO people and the original test result is still valid.

    RSHO could have tested a new clean sample while the original sample Project CBD tested is still dirty.

    People can buy RSHO and test it for themselves at anytime.

  • Did Project CBD settle as well, or are they fighting the lawsuit? I’m really surprised to see the report still online on their website. Doink.

    • Project CBD is in the process of settling as well! You know what the sad thing is? They have it up, because drama means traffic and unfortunately people love reading the drama and the conspiracy!
      As industry professionals, we need to be focused on he positive outcomes, the facts, and the continuous research!

  • Erin Kaley M

    I’ve listened to hours upon hours of podcasts and videos of interviews with the very people involved in this case.
    Even in October, when Project CBD published the report, the lab manager of Stewart Environmentals said that it was safe and that they’re weren’t a dangerous amount of heavy metals in the sample.
    What it basically came down to was politics and mudslinging 🙁 It’s so unfortunate. As an industry, we are already suffocated from the outside pressures of BigPharm and government. If we are not strong and united from the inside, we’ll cease to spread the message of this plant.

  • TG80905

    I don’t want to be the new Jason Cranford. It is not my intention to cast doubt on the efficacy of CBD. I’ve met way too many people that have experienced “medically impossible” improvements with their conditions……… But …….

    I look at marinol and big pharma’s belief that it all comes down to “the one” active ingredient. What if it’s not? There are dozens of virtually unstudied cannabinoids present in cannabis so there is a good possibility that medicinal benefits can be ascribed to more than CBD.

    Could cannabis be a naturally occurring compounding lab. That it isn’t just a cannabinoid but several cannabinoids working in conjunction with each other that is causing the wide spectrum of benefit we see in the medicinal use of cannabis.

    My wife was a patient and her qualifying condition was Chrons …. and yes cannabis helped. However, my wife also suffered from the loss of speech, extreme left side paralysis, the accompanying muscle atrophy, loss of balance, and loss of motor skills. These conditions were the result of a massive double stroke; one centered in the hippocampus, the other centered in the brain stem. Her prognosis was 24/7 care with no chance for improvement. The scarring inside her brain was massive and because of where the scarring was ….. the doctors were amazed she survived.

    Cannabis is the only modification that was made in her regimen of care.At the time of her passing she had developed speech, had regained motor control, had regained her balance, and there was a noticeable reduction in the severity of her paralysis.

    I’m not trying to paint the picture of an Olympic athlete rising from from the sea. You could definitely tell there were major issues. She went from complete dependence, feeding, washing, blinking yes and no … she was an invalid in every sense of the word …. and she wanted to die. She hated being assisted with her bodily functions, soft food because of the lost gag reflex and risk of choking …. her absolute dependence for everything.

    Something related to cannabis allowed her to re-path the neural network in her head. Whether this was through or round the scar tissue will never be known because I did not request an autopsy. Her improvements to her, for me, for our children were nothing short of miraculous .Her brain was re-pathing itself or she was growing new neural cells …. both medical impossibilities …. that doesn’t change the fact that the improvements were very real.

    It’s a complicated plant …. and nobody really knows everything there is to know about it; not even Raphael Maschullum. Could it be that more than one cannabinoid and the resulting interaction of cannabinoids be the reason for her improvements? Big pharma subscribes to the theory of one magic chemical …. the cannabis industry is better than that. It is full of out of the box thinkers and people that know instinctively that things are not what they appear.

    I don’t doubt CBD and the life changing improvements I’ve seen. I just want us to consider the possibility that it’s more than one …. that maybe it is the harmonious interaction of many cannabinoids that make miracles happen

    • I think this is an intelligent way to look at the conversation! It’s incredibly important for us all to remember that we do NOT know everything and so, we must continue to keep an open mind and keep learning!

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