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America’s Growing Demand for CBD Pet Treatments

One of the truly amazing parts about covering the medical cannabis industry is meeting patients who were successfully treated with medical cannabis, especially those who had seemingly lost all hope with conventional medicine. The truth of the medical cannabis industry is that the application of cannabis is miles ahead of the typical ‘institutional research’ and has yet to be fully embraced by mainstream society. Despite this fact, patients, advocates and families are turning to CBD treatments for their loved ones, often as a last resort, only to find incredible results that they previously thought impossible. However, humans are no longer the sole benefactor of successful CBD treatments. Various medical cannabis companies have developed a cannabinoid (CBD) product specifically for pet applications and, at this moment in time, the market demand seems to be exceeding production in many cases.

The fact that pet owners are seeking these ‘miracle cures’ should not come as a surprise, as according to a 2011 Harris Poll, 90% of Americans consider their dog or cat as part of their family. The internet is being flooded with successful, real world applications where CBD has arguably made a 100% difference between a pet living or dying. Is the research behind it yet? Nope. Can those who sell CBD make claims as to its benefits? Nope. Are there pet owners out there who would swear by CBD in a court of law if given the chance. 100% yes.

In a recent Cashinbis article, world famous cannabis advocate Tommy Chong said that ‘we need more research’ is code for ‘let’s just put it on the shelf and forget about it’. Well, these animal lovers are taking the product off the shelf and putting their entire pet’s future on the line because they believe in the treatment and those results are being confirmed in front of their eyes. So who are these people? Is pet CBD different from that meant for humans? How can you tell the difference between good and bad product? To answer these questions, we brought in CBD expert George Atwell of BioCBD+, a company that offers some of the best and safest water soluble CBD products on the market today.

Who is buying these pet support CBD products?

Well pets are using them! I’m kidding. I asked our Customer Response Team who’s asking about our pet product and they told me that adults of all ages are inquiring about Total Pet Support. I would say most of the actual purchases are made by Matriarch of the family, which is pretty normal. As for the types of pets, I would have to say from my own personal experience that the vast majority of people buying our water soluble pet formulation are doing so for their dogs and/or cats.” – George Atwell – BioCBD+

What do they do for animals? Are you allowed to make claims or does the testing still have to happen?

I can’t make any claims whatsoever. We always encourage people to do their own research and there’s plenty out there. I will say that I have been giving our Total Pet Support capsules to my 11 year old lab, Brutus, and he is again going on a mile long walk with me everyday and greets me at the door like he did when he was a puppy.” – George Atwell – BioCBD+

I have been giving our Total Pet Support capsules to my 11 year old lab, Brutus, and he is again going on a mile long walk with me everyday and greets me at the door like he did when he was a puppy.

Here is a real life example of what George is not allowed to claim. However, since Cashinbis does not offer a CBD product, we are allowed to facilitate this information for you. Meet Topper, a young husky who suffered from epileptic seizures. He was treated with CBD and his story is as beautiful as his husky face! But wait? Without research, how do we know CBD was the cure? Well, the answer is that there is more research on the market today than the public is aware of. For instance, this article from the US National Library of Medicine says, in regards to using CBD’s to treat seizures:

“These results extend the anti-convulsant profile of CBD; when combined with a reported absence of psychoactive effects, this evidence strongly supports CBD as a therapeutic candidate for a diverse range of human epilepsies.” – 2012 Report

Despite the fact this report was published back in 2012, research and study of medical cannabis, including CBD products, has come at a snails pace. However, outstanding products are still being offered and real life results are being referenced in place of studies that may or may not ever take place.

Is the CBD in pet products the same as the CBD used for humans?

Yes, we believe that pets deserve the best so we use the same all-natural formulations containing our BioCBD™, which means our Total Pet Support capsules have the same increased bioavailability as all our other water soluble formulations.” – George Atwell – BioCBD+

Why should people give their pets CBD’s over other pet treatments or supplements?

“I think everyone should make the right choice for their pets. Do your own research and don’t give your pets anything you wouldn’t take yourself. I think people are moving towards all-natural products and we are seeing that shift with pet products as well.” – George Atwell – BioCBD+

Do your own research and don’t give your pets anything you wouldn’t take yourself.

Here is a site with a pretty solid compilation of research articles and medical journals that support the array of CBD applications for both humans and pets. Just pull down the ‘learn about cbd’ tab to access all sorts of articles and reports. Again, these are independent, third party studies that are not being made by a CBD production company.

When did this take off – has it or is it still rising?

“I would definitely say it’s rising. What’s incredible to think about is that we have been getting increasing sales every month, and we have yet to spend $1 towards any type of marketing. In fact, the demand is rising so quickly that we are looking for the right partners to use our BioCBD™ technology in their products to help cover the demand.” – George Atwell – BioCBD+

How can people tell a quality CBD product from a non-reputable one? What should people look for and what should they avoid?

The main thing that people should consider is where their hemp is coming from. I think the credible people in the industry will agree that the “CBD paste” coming out of places like China is no good. Companies are getting wise to the game and importing the paste from Europe so it can be resold as “Coming from Europe.” So that’s one thing to look out for.

I would also say that many of the same rules that apply for humans apply for pets. I believe a full-spectrum CBD is always better than CBD isolate, and products with a more bioavailable CBD are a better and all-around safer choice. And you don’t have to force your pet to swallow nasty tasting oil.” – George Atwell – BioCBD+

CBD’s – Research For Yourself

If you are considering CBD’s or are on the fence as to your support of others who use them, the consensus throughout the medical cannabis community is that you conduct your own research. Make up your own mind. The federal research will eventually catch up to the rest of society who already knows the benefits to CBD. Until then, the answers are already out there. All you have to do is look around and connect the dots for yourself.

Do you believe CBD’s can successfully treat pets? If not, what research/further proof do you need to see to be convinced of its health benefits? Join the conversation and comment below.

  • Open Minds

    There is no such thing as water soluble cbd.

  • Dianna Donnelly

    Requirements: bud, keif, twigs, leaves, roots ~all medicinal
    Coconut Oil
    Double Boiler
    Candy thermometre
    Cheese Cloth
    keep under 200 degrees F

    You too can make your own medicinal oil. I give a squirt to my pooch before storms or fireworks to chill her out. She loves it now and will go stand beside where I keep it.

    Metacam kills the kidneys very quickly. I gave my old kitty this oil for 2 years to ease her arthritis. She passed at 19 in my arms medicated with whole plant cannabis oil.

    Plants not pills!


    what’s the difference in CBD’s for humans then the CBD for dogs?

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