The Future of Marijuana Trimming

marijuana-trimmingInnovation is much more than having a good idea; the idea is where it starts, but is not even close to the end game. At GreenBroz, we are  innovators at heart and our entire organization is built around the concept of creative freedom and expression. We gather inspiration from everywhere we go. Let’s take a quick journey through the development of our flagship product, the product that is revolutionizing the marijuana industry.

The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer started as an idea that really had no form. It was more like a puzzle rather than an idea. The puzzle was, “How do you make a machine that can do meticulously detailed work without sacrificing quality?” Every other trimmer currently on the market started with a different question, “How do we trim a lot of cannabis in a short period of time?”, so what you end up is a machine that do a lot of work without taking the quality of the product into mind. At GreenBroz, we asked a different question, “How do you make a machine that can trim cannabis as well as a human trimmer?”, our approach then is very different. Our concern is the final quality of the product.

How do we trim a lot of cannabis in a short period of time?

The puzzle was solved in a flash of inspiration. While working on how to get the cannabis to tumble and move across the blade surface, I was looking at the blade in a CAD program and it was rather plain and uninspired. I started working on the curve of the blade and the design started looking really interesting; Actually, it looked cool as shit, so naturally I had to see if it would even work. I took it to the metal guys and had a prototype cut. Then it was off to test… Initially it was a failure. The product just sat on top of the blade and spun around in a circle. I really didn’t like the idea of anything pushing down on the product, so I started working on how to get the product to roll, the answer was simple enough – put the blade on an angle. The angle, which took a lot of time to perfect, caused the material to gently roll off of the blade exposing more of the product to the cutting surface.

GreenBroz Trimmer Short Demo Video

That is just one of a long list of puzzle pieces that went into developing this machine. Put them all together and you have the most delicate, most precise, and quietest machine on the market. A machine that rivals hand trimming and easily pays for itself in its first couple of uses.

A machine that rivals hand trimming…

The pieces of the puzzle: blade design and the curve of the blades helps the trim process because it is closer to the rounded shape of the bud (buds aren’t square). Blade spacing, the tolerance between the blade surface, combined with the width of the blade gap means the machine will only trim leaves. The cabinet design means it is easy to load, unload and clean, being made of food grade material means it meets stringent government regulations. The size and portability of our standard unit means it is easy to move, store, and take care of. The quiet motor means you don’t have to wear ear protection.

Why is the GreenBroz Dry Trimmer changing the industry? It takes the work out of trim time. Our standard unit does the same level of trim quality that you do yourself at the rate of two pounds an hour. The Commercial unit cranks out an amazing 8 plus pounds an hour at the same quality level. That’s why our product demand is through the roof.

Written by: Cullen Raichart

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