AMMJ: American Cannabis Company

American Cannabis Company, Inc. provides solutions for businesses operating in the cannabis industry in states and countries where cannabis is regulated and has been de-criminalized for medical use and/or legalized for recreational. It offers consulting and advisory services; and supplies products and equipment to businesses. The company guides clients through state and local cannabis business license application processes; designs and implements standard operating procedures and policies to ensure compliance with the legal regulations of the cannabis industry; and assists clients in monitoring their business to ensure compliance with laws and regulations of the cannabis industry. It also educates and trains clients on the company’s processes and techniques for yields of pharmaceutical grade cannabis in regulated commercial cultivation environments; advises and consults clients on the acquisition and start-up of cannabis businesses; and researches, designs, develops, and markets products for the cannabis industry that facilitate the company’s customers to operate their cannabis business on a daily basis. In addition, the company supplies The Satchel, a child-resistant exit bag; and a commercial scale cultivation solution for use in regulated cannabis markets. American Cannabis Company, Inc. is based in Denver, Colorado.

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