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Your Facebook account gets shut down. Your local newspaper won’t give you ad space. Is buying a listing on Weedmaps the only way to market your dispensary? No, and now you have a tool to show you ropes. Today, founder Guillermo J Bravo launched Foottraffik, a marijuana marketing resource built specifically for dispensaries to help them rank well online, grow their brand presence, and ultimately, bring more customers through their front door. The result? A boost in revenue!

After moving on from my previous start-up, I started applying my expertise to helping dispensaries implement successful marketing plans. What I saw was that many of them had no starting point. There weren’t any resources out there to help guide them on marketing their dispensary and increasing their sales

When it comes to marketing, it’s true that we don’t have equal access to all available channels. Countless brands have lost their Facebook or Instagram accounts, meaning that many had to start from scratch. Bravo is seeking to change that.

I’m tired of seeing brands put all their eggs in one basket. Marketing is an invaluable tool that involves you having multiple strategies in place.

Up until today, there have been few resources available to our niche. Dispensary owners and their teams have been shooting into the dark when it comes to marketing, but not anymore. In looking closely at Bravo’s new website, it’s clear that cannabis brands are going to be able to learn and implement much more sophisticated marketing strategies. If you go to Foottraffik’s ‘Learn’ section, you’ll be able to access infinite resources tackling everything in digital marketing: content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, local marketing, paid advertising, publication relations, reputation management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, video marketing, building out your profile on Google, and even text message marketing – A great tactic for re-engaging past customers and bringing them back to your budtenders.

I’m excited to see this industry grow and I knew that if I wanted to see it happen, I needed to help dispensaries implement better marketing plans.

So, if you’re a dispensary owner, a cannabis brand, or a team member charged with growing your business into a brand, make Foottraffik your first stop. It’s a gorgeous platform with content and education catered specifically to your business. We want to see you grow. We want to see our industry grow. And now we can, thanks to Bravo and his new resource, Foottraffik.

Foottraffik Founder & CEO, Guillermo J Bravo is available for questions.

Phone:  650.822.7506
Address: 548 Market St #81464,
San Francisco, CA 94104-5401

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