Marijuana Investor Summit 2015

I’m a firm believer in the adage, ‘You are the company you keep’ and I don’t believe that there are many that can argue with the fact that this is true, especially as it pertains to business. You are a reflection of your surroundings and this is why Cashinbis’ first appearance as a company will be at the Marijuana Investor Summit in Denver, Colorado this upcoming April 20-22, 2015. We’ve spent countless months delving into this industry and dissecting it by investigating the people who are involved in it and now we are readying ourselves to take part in the event that’s bringing the industry together as a whole.

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The Marijuana Investor Summit 2015 is an opportunity to learn about the legal cannabis and hemp markets, educate ourselves about investing in the industry, and participate a half-day bootcamp as either an investor or entrepreneur. Right now, we have the first mover’s advantage, but with states rapidly legalizing and public perception changing before our very eyes, that opportunity is going to quickly vanish into a growing market. The time to surround yourself with successful leaders who are spearheading the ‘green rush’ and getting to learn from the best of the best is now. This 3-day event is about diving headfirst into the market and taking full advantage of this unique opportunity to make your mark in history.

When we say you’ll be learning from the best of the best, we know what we’re talking about, we’ve interviewed them. Let’s refresh our intellect:

David Friedman

Marijuana Investor News, Publisher

marijuanainvestorsummit_davidfriedman_cashinbis“The key to success is failure. Any good entrepreneur will tell you that they learned from failure, not success. So, somewhere along the way, we all have to fail. We can’t be afraid to admit that and we have to then move on. The worst thing you can do in any relationship, business or personal, is hold on too long. It makes a bad situation worse and everyone loses in the end.”

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Randy Shipley, Founder & CEO

marijuanainvestorsummit_randyshipley_cashinbis“Work hard and don’t be afraid to bootstrap your company. If, as an entrepreneur, you can build a company to a stage where you have a product and customers that are buying it, it is far easier to raise capital at a much better valuation. You also have to be aware of your strengths and your weaknesses and build a team of founders/partners that offset any weaknesses you have. Investors will invest in strong teams that have an ability to execute across the many various functions of the business – so make sure you have your bases covered.”

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Morgan Paxhia

Poseidon Asset Management, Founding Partner & Chief Investor

marijuanainvestorsummit_morganpaxhia_cashinbis“Raising money is both an art and science. For many entrepreneurs, this is their first major sale for that particular venture. Investors are looking for strong management teams, tenacious drive, and a product/vision that is unmet in the market. Timing and valuation are also important aspects to consider.”

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Emily Paxhia

Poseidon Asset Management, Founding Partner & Director of Relations

marijuanainvestorsummit_emilypaxhia_cashinbis“You have to be a little crazy to be an entrepreneur because, from a rational perspective, it is a wild undertaking; However, you have to be grounded and clear on what needs to happen to get the business to the next level. If unsure, an entrepreneur should have the ability to put the ego aside and seek mentorship or support. “

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Alan Brochstein

420 Investor & 420 Funders, Founder

marijuanainvestorsummit_alanbrochstein_cashinbis“Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to gain as a new legal industry is built. Consumers should end up with a higher quality, safer, and more standardized product. It’s this alignment of pragmatic reasons with an easy-to-embrace philosophical choice for most Americans that suggests to me a revolution is ahead for this industry.”

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Thomas Quigley

Florida Cannabis Coalition, CEO

“Any number of things will happen over the next few years that could accelerate cannabis sales. The loosening of banking regulations could lead to a feeding frenzy from the larger financial firms who have been waiting on the sidelines. That could set off a string of high value IPOs. Medical breakthroughs will attract the attention of the soon to be TRILLION dollar health care industry. Right now, we’re going to focus on building a few hundred $50M companies.”

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Cashinbis is the growing collection of voices of the mavericks, the leaders, and the ground-breakers of this industry. So, if you’re serious about this space and believe in investing and being a part of this movement, we look forward to shaking hands with you at the Marijuana Investor Summit 2015!

Image source: Brian Papantonio

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