Let It All Motivate You

andrewcasey_photography_downtown_sandiego_motivationThe way to be highly motivated is not to go out and look for things to motivate you. The way to be highly motivated is to let everything motivate you.

Be motivated by the defeats as well as the victories. Be motivated by the challenges and difficulties just as much as youíre motivated by the positive possibilities.

When you hear encouraging news, be motivated. When someone gives you discouraging news, be just as motivated.

Your level of motivation does not depend on what happens. It depends on the way you choose to respond.

Choose to respond with a sense of positive and meaningful motivation. No matter what happens or fails to happen, let it motivate you to reach higher and to create new value.

You cannot know everything that will fill this day, yet you can choose right now what to do with it. Let it all motivate you to make the efforts that will make it all even better.

Inspiration By: Ralph Marston
Photo Credit: Andrew Casey

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