Leafly Integrates Kind Financial’s Cannabis Tracking Software

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Back in July of 2015, which seems like years ago in the fast paced cannabis industry, we at Cashinbis had a chance to catch up with David Dinenberg, Founder and CEO of Kind Financial, the market leader in financial technology solutions for the cannabis industry. David gave us an exclusive interview that peeled back the layers of his entrepreneurial leadership in the cannabis industry. In reading back over that interview, it is clear that Dinenberg’s positive outlook for Kind Financial was on point as Kind recently announced a new relationship with industry heavyweight Leafly.

On November 10th, 2015, KIND Financial announced its integration with Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information website.

KIND will unveil version 2.0 of their Agrisoft Seed to Sale software at the MJ Business Daily Marijuana Conference in Las Vegas today, November 11th, 2015. The Agrisoft software will provide cannabis businesses with one centralized platform under which they can manage their entire business lifecycle; including plant and inventory management, point-of-sale transactions, and financial reporting.

Among the features that Kind has improved in their launching of Agrisoft 2.0, the biggest advancement would have to be the integration with industry juggernaut Leafly’s online platform.

“KIND’s integration with Leafly and latest feature release set our technology apart as a fully-operational platform for dispensaries, growers, and producers in legal cannabis states thereby positioning us to be the leading seed to sale software for the cannabis industry.” – David Dinenberg – Founder and CEO of Kind Financial

This new marriage will provide Agrisoft’s customer base of retail dispensaries, growers, and producers the ability to share data between the two systems and exchange inventory data with the Leafly menu platform. In layman’s terms, this business and cannabis tracking software will exponentially improve the operations of Agrisoft’s customer base while, at the same time, keeping Leafly at the forefront of cannabis industry tech.

Click the image to read the full interview with David Dinenberg, Founder and CEO of Kind Financial.

Full interview with David Dinenberg, Founder and CEO of Kind Financial.

Agrisoft 2.0 also includes a direct connection with Quickbooks accounting software to automate financial reporting and several mobile-friendly enhancements. KIND’s cultivation and point of sale system will now work on the mobile web enabling cannabis business owners to handle plant management tasks such as moving, developing, and destroying plant inventory with a smartphone, tablet or almost any portable touchscreen device. Agrisoft 2.0 can also connect to the proper printing and scanning hardware for full mobile functionality.

With its new database, Agrisoft 2.0 has faster processing speeds that power a custom engine for enterprise-level reporting, and an advanced labeling system provides the ability to generate custom product labels with the flexibility to adjust details when needed to comply with rapid changes in regulations.  

In addition to improving the business and consumer side of the cannabis industry, David Dinenberg and Kind Financial are also working hard to address the banking side of the industry.

“If you’re a bank and you’re considering getting into the cannabis space, then our programs, infrastructure, and technology set us apart from anything else offered in the industry. We have the ability for the bank to know their customer’s customer. Additionally, our solution contains several different components and several different parts. We can bring a program to a bank that is not only compliant but is more time and cost effective than anything comparable on the market. We believe we can raise a bank’s efficiency level 40%-50% higher than others that are banking the industry today.” David Dinenberg – Founder and CEO of Kind Financial

We reached out to Kind Financial to ask for a progress report on the launch of Agrisoft 2.0, as KIND’s existing customers were issued a beta launch of the platform a short while ago which included the Leafly integration and mobile enhancements. Kind reported that their existing clientele have responded with very positive and optimistic reviews of this new software.  

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If you want to learn more about the software, the integration with Leafly, or Kind Financial as a whole, they will be at Booth #609 at the MJ Business Daily Marijuana Conference in Las Vegas from November 11th to 13th to showcase the new platform.

How do you think this new integration will improve seed to sale solutions in the cannabis industry? Join the conversation and comment below!


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