Lagunitas Releases New Hoppy, Hempy Beer Made With Cannabis

Brewed with cannabis terpenes, SuperCritical is a new Lagunitas brew on tap this month. So far, the hempy hops product is only available in California.

Lagunitas partnered with CannaCraft AbsoluteXtracts to make SuperCritical, which is infused with NorCal’s Finest Cannabis and Yakima’s Finest Hops. The beer should be available on tap in select locations in five weeks.

On the flip side, CannaCraft is working on hops-infused vaping products with help from Lagunitas, according to the LA Times.

The cannabis brew has no THC, but is designed to have marijuana aroma and taste. One reviewer wrote, “We anticipated an overwhelming hop intensity. Maybe some sharp acidity and a hint skunkyness. However much to our delighet we were treated to a full-bodied, smooth, sophisticated and well-balanced IPA with just the right hit of the best part of marijuana—it’s flavor and aroma.”

Last year, Colorado’s Dude’s Brew sold “General Washington’s Secret Stash,” another cannabis-infused beer. 

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