International News Coverage of LA County Cannabis Business Grows

Bloomberg, NBC Spotlight Only Female CEO in Final Running for Coveted Los Angeles County Cannabis Business Licenses

The City of Lynwood in Los Angeles County decided to pre-approve 13 applicants to cultivate legal cannabis last week.

Bloomberg, NBC and Telemundo have covered the decision, bringing international attention to this development in the green rush.


NBC said Lynwood county officials are making a ‘big move’ in allowing legal cannabis cultivation, and mentioned Priscilla Vilchis, CEO of Cali Premium Produce, as the only woman in the running.

“There are a lot of people watching. If this goes well, there’s going to be a domino effect with other local cities,” Vilchis told Bloomberg.

Vilchis told Telemundo that cannabis is known to treat epilepsy in children, and depression.

As the world learns more about the only minority woman pre-approved to cultivate cannabis in LA county, Vilchis’ accomplishments in building multimillion-dollar businesses have come to light.

Vilchis’ previous businesses include Leading Toxicology, Elite Management, and Ample Billing Solutions – each of which operate in states coast to coast in either the distribution of prescription pain medications through physicians, or the urine drug testing of patients of third-party physicians to determine the use of various pain medications.



“We’re excited to bring all this knowledge we have to the city of Lynwood,” she said. “We’re looking forward to creating jobs . . . doing community outreach to educate everyone here and let them know that marijuana isn’t something bad, it’s something that’s going to be able to help the future.”

Vilchis’ previous work is in the treatment of injured workers in various state workers’ compensation systems. As a result, she believes that the use of cannabis for the treatment of injured workers will result in savings to states’ health care systems by relieving pain – enabling workers to return to work earlier than with other medications.

Now setting her sights on Los Angeles County, Calif., Vilchis said she is eager to apply her business savvy to provide an ever greater number of consumers access to clean, safe cannabinoid products.


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