Great Experience


Experience is something that can never be taken away from you. Though the material things you possess will rust, fade, peel, crack, break and become obsolete; the experiences you live through will stay with you always.

Every day is filled with so many opportunities to experience the richness of life. Yet it’s all too easy to get into comfortable habits and fail to take advantage of those opportunities.

The greatest treasures you’ll ever have are the moments you spend living life fully, moments spent with those you love and care about, moments lived passionately in pursuit of a vision, a dream or an accomplishment.

As you go through this day, keep in mind what an incredible, irreplaceable, great experience life is. Wherever you go, whatever your circumstance, fill the moments with meaning and richness. Today is a special day, a day to be alive. Live it with joy, with wonder and intensity. Your great experience is happening now.

Inspiration By: Ralph Marston
Photo Credit: Andrew Casey

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