House Renews Protections with Gained Support for Medical Cannabis

As of Wednesday, June 3rd 2015, the House of Representatives renewed one of the most important amendments surrounding Cannabis legislation in America. In approving the amendment 242-186, the House also showed an increase level in support for the legislation over the 219-189 difference from last year. The amendment was proposed under bipartisan leadership via Republican Dana Rohrabacher (CA) and Democrat Sam Farr (CA). Rohrabacher spoke sincerely in regards to her support of the amendment during the debate process prior to the vote earlier today:

“This is absolutely absurd that the federal government is going to mandate all these things even though the people of the states and many doctors would like to have the right to prescribe to their patients what they think will alleviate their suffering. This is states’ rights issue. Our founding fathers didn’t want a police force that can bust down people’s doors. They wanted individual freedom.” – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)

The amendment, in short, blocks Federal agencies like the DEA from using funds to block Cannabis programs operating within the boundaries of state law. The separation of Federal and State laws in the Cannabis industry are an ongoing topic and not without heated controversy. However, headway is being made and with every step forward notable politicians are taking notice.

“Last year, passing this amendment was unprecedented. This year, it was predictable. Medical marijuana has gone from ‘controversial’ to ‘conventional’ on Capitol Hill.” – Dan Riffle – Federal Policies Director for the Marijuana Policy Project

For entrepreneurs and businesses owners operating within the confines of the law this updated passing provides not only a collective sigh of relief, but encouragement towards a brighter future based on the incremental increase in House support. Industry professionals can continue to strategically invest and expand their businesses with a renewed assurance that can be best summed up by Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR):

“The medical marijuana train has definitely left the station.”  Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)

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