Holiday Reading List for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

One of the best questions to ask an entrepreneur is, “What’s the last great book you read?”

Whether on audiobook, ereader or tablet, or even on the ancient medium of paper, books offer a path to escape one’s own worldview and learn through the words and experiences of the author, making them a standard item in any forward-thinking entrepreneur’s home or laptop bag.

Through talking with some of the cannabis industry’s top leaders, Cashinbis gets a lot of amazing book recommendations – some of them are cannabis-specific, and others are just great business books.

No matter your stage in the game, we hope you enjoy the following suggestions for a stellar holiday reading list.

Zero To One

by Peter Thiel

A startup-focused book by the PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor.

Recommended to us by Kyle Sherman of Flowhub

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

by Ben Horowitz

A brutally honest take on running a business, from a technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Recommended to us by Kyle Sherman of Flowhub

Cannabis Manifesto

by Steve DeAngelo

The founder and CEO of the United States’ largest dispensary, has a wealth of knowledge about the cannabis movement as a whole.

Recommended by Steve Berg, CFO of O.PenVape

Big Weed

by Christian Hageseth

Follow the entrepreneurial journey behind Colorado’s upcoming “Weedery” and the Green Man Cannabis brand.

Recommended by Mike Julian of MPSI Security

Marijuana Millions

an eBook by Alexa Divett of Maya Media Collective

“The Foundation of Success” for anyone looking to start a cannabis brand, with insight into the world’s most diverse and devoted customer base.

Windowsill Weed

by Percy Grower

This author was so kind as to dedicate Windowsill Weed to the Cashinbis team for giving him the inspiration to complete his book, all about small-space cannabis cultivation. Now that’s a cannabis entrepreneur success story.

What book do you think every entrepreneur should read? Why? Join the conversation and comment below – perhaps we’ll pick up your favorite for our next reading list!

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