Raúl WHO? CBD Oil Advocate to Speak to the World Health Org at the United Nations – And You Can Help!

The United Nations invited the president of a major medical cannabis company to speak about CBD hemp oil this November.

HempMeds® Mexico president Raúl Elizalde is a medical cannabis pioneer. He advocated tirelessly for Mexican patients, culminating in the moment when he joined Mexico President Peña Nieto on stage in April 2016, as the leader announced Mexico’s medical cannabis reform. Medical cannabis was legalized in Mexico in June.

Raúl became an advocate while fighting to get CBD oil imported for his daughter, 10-year-old Grace Elizalde, who was experiencing catastrophic seizures once an hour daily. Raúl began advocating for patients, hosting public forums, and meeting with government officials.

As a result, in 2015 Grace became the first patient in Mexico to legally access and use CBD oil for her epileptic seizures: HempMeds product RSHO-X™.

Raúl started the Por Grace Foundation to continue his advocacy work, and was appointed president of HempMeds Mexico this year. HempMeds Mexico is a subsidiary of American cannabis company Medical Marijuana, Inc., which made national news as families went public with dramatic results in treating their children’s life-threatening health conditions with HempMeds’ Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO-X™), which contains no THC.

Raúl will speak on behalf of the Medical Marijuana, Inc family of companies to the U.N. at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Drug Scheduling; Convention on Psychotropic Substances; Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs in Geneva, Switzerland, on Nov. 6.

At the United Nations’ World Health Organization convention, he will speak to international leaders about his daughter Grace’s personal experience with CBD and urge organization leaders to not consider CBD psychoactive and not schedule it as a drug. He will also emphasize the importance of the United States’ Ninth Circuit Court ruling that exempted the non-psychoactive parts of the hemp plant from the Controlled Substances Act.

“Most importantly, Elizalde will present research findings from studies conducted with children using CBD hemp oil products in Mexico by Dr. Saul Garza and Dr. Carlos Aguirre” according to a HempMeds release.

Raúl said he was honored. “I would like to thank my many supporters who continue to aid my journey to further CBD reform worldwide,” he said.

HempMeds Mexico® is the first company to provide Mexico citizens with access to medical products derived from cannabis (THC-free hemp CBD) after the Health Department of Mexico, COFEPRIS, issued the country’s first-ever import permits for Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ RSHO-X™ in early 2016.

“We are honored and excited to speak to United Nations leaders on a global stage about CBD as a supplement aimed to maintain and improve the wellbeing of millions,” said Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus. “We hope to bring light to the many benefits of CBD and convince decision-makers not to schedule CBD as a drug, but rather as a supplement.”

How Can You Help?

Share your story with Raúl and he will bring it to the World Health Organization at the United Nations. Submit your story here.

For more information or to to be a part of Raúl’s journey, visit this interactive site.

  • Helene Dadoune

    In the early 1990s, my son-in-law was hit by a truck, as a pedestrian and resulting injuries required reconstruction of his lower left leg and drastically potent medication for pain. The pharmaceuticals that were prescribed for this resulted in his becoming opioid dependent. Once he had discovered and began using cannabidiol/CBD oil, he was able to overcome the addiction AND remain pain-free.
    Then, a few months ago, one of my daughter’s and his dogs, a seven-year-old female Boxer, developed a growth about the size of a lemon, protruding from one of her elbow joints… that an examining veterinarian diagnosed as cancer. The vet’s prognosis was that the dog’s age and moderate breathing issue would make surgery highly dangerous. My daughter decided to try a canine formula of CBD oil, if nothing else, to alleviate some of the dog’s pain & “keep her comfortable”. The aging Boxer is not only comfortable, she’s running, jumping, roughhousing with my daughter’s other, much younger dogs… and the growth is noticeably reducing in size!
    Kudos, cannabidiol!

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