Four Cannabis Companies Putting Patients First

Cannabis business thrives when patients’ needs are first

The cannabis industry collectively celebrates as each state progressively reduces volatility, moving towards ever-greater degrees of cannabis legalization. At the core of increasing stabilization is one factor: the desire of millions of patients to use cannabis medically and recreationally for their own and society’s benefit.

All cannabis professionals owe their livelihood to the patients who have raised their voices, contributed their hard-earned money, and collectively demanded an end to prohibition. Successful cannabis businesses will place the interests of these patient’s needs first.

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HelloMD is pioneering technological solutions required to provide patients nationwide with legitimate medical cannabis recommendations from leading doctors. According to HelloMD, “We only work with top quality, licensed doctors who meet our standards for professionalism and care. HelloMD doctors are trained in medicinal uses of marijuana, and familiar with the unique needs of cannabis patients.”

HelloMD’s model is especially conducive to the needs of patients who are home-bound by illness or age.

Simply log into the site, schedule an online appointment, download your medical cannabis recommendation and begin ordering cannabis from your favorite platform for delivery or pickup.


Massroots has made an impact with their foray into the cannabis social networking sector as the first cannabis technology IPO. Their model allows cannabis patients to post images of the fully creative diversity of cannabis passions, including gorgeous cultivation shots to this guy who creates world-class renditions of various animals and objects out of wraps and cannabis. Like this incredible tarantula, below.

Image courtesy of ValleyRec420 via Massroots

Image courtesy of ValleyRec420 via Massroots

Massroots’ user stats have grown exponentially and are expected to top 1 million users by the end of 2015. They’ve raised significant capital and plan to leverage their focus on highlighting patient creativity to become an industry leader.


GreenRush, like Massroots, is on the bleeding edge of cannabis technology platforms. GreenRush puts patients first by providing them instant access to the largest collection of cannabis dispensaries, cannabis products and accessories in the world. Verify yourself as a patient, choose a local dispensary, browse their menu, order, and cannabis is delivered to your door minutes later.

GreenRush also focuses on providing dispensaries with not only access to patients in need of cannabis delivery, but also world-class technology solutions to menu management, telemedicine, delivery logistics, and integrated marketing.  

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GreenRush CEO, Paul Warshaw, has a unique take on the patient first business model, “Our model actually strives at its core to put both patients and dispensaries first: We identify patient needs, identify local businesses who are providing that medicine, and connect them to each other. Patients need dispensaries. Dispensaries need patients. GreenRush ultimately serves the needs of both.”  


Harborside Health Center (HHC) in Oakland is the most iconic cannabis dispensary in the world – it’s also by far the most expansive. In fact, their renowned focus on providing patients with serious medical conditions relief through medical cannabis treatment has made them tremendously successful.

HHC now has locations in Oakland, San Jose, Portland and will be offering an expansive delivery network to serve patients unable to travel. They are certainly closest to becoming the Starbucks of cannabis.

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For deeper insight into Harborside’s patient first philosophy, check out founder Steve DeAngelo’s new book, The Cannabis Manifesto.

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