A Hemp Lotion Blessed With Love


Forbidden Leaf only uses the best quality moisturizing ingredients nature has to offer. The lotion is a natural blend of “cold pressed” hemp seed oil, aloe vera, shea butter, vitamin E, Japanese green tea, and chamomile. It absorbs deep into the skin without leaving a greasy after feel. A great daily moisturizer to help maintain the moisture balance in skin and utile for reviving tattoos; moisturizing deep and revitalizing color. The lotion is also great for after sun bathing, soothing, and refreshing skin.

Forbidden Leaf Lotion is available in the signature scent of California Sunshine, Fresh Lavender, Unscented (great for eczema & psoriasis patients) or the Citrus Basil scent which goes along with the Citrus Basil (pump) hand soap.

All of Forbidden Leaf products are animal cruelty free, paraben-free and will always be gravitating towards “going green”; in hopes of using hemp based plastic in the near future.

Every product and order is blessed with LOVE and sent out with pure positive energy. Forbidden Leaf products make cool, unique, thoughtful gifts, and the best of all, they are good for your skin.

Every product and order is blessed with LOVE and sent out with pure positive energy.

Also another unique thing about Forbidden Leaf is the Forbidden Leaf ETSY Store where you will find sample, travel or party favor sized products; along with a Forbidden Leaf Hemp travel bag where you can mix and match whichever products you would like to fill the bag with.

Written By: Dana Dwight

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