EazeMD Launches First Telehealth Application for iOS & Android

As the medical cannabis landscape in California heats up, industry leaders are working on new and innovative solutions to provide Californians with not just medicine, but access to medical consultations as well. One such company, Eaze, is going a step further and is offering medical cannabis recommendations via any mobile device on their new platform EazeMD.

Launched in July of 2014, Eaze is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco and committed to providing the easiest, quickest and most professional medical cannabis delivery to patients across California. Currently operating in more than 100 cities between San Francisco and San Diego, Eaze is the first-to-market, largest, and most funded cannabis delivery solution.

Introducing EazeMD: Physician Recommendations On Demand

After creating a successful technology solution to connect patients with dispensaries, CEO Keith McCarty sought to improve access to medical cannabis consultations. Launched in July of this year, EazeMD allows California patients to video chat with physicians via www.eaze.md on demand from the comfort of home. With no scheduling required, and at the most affordable rate of $30, patients can now get their recommendation and medicine in as little as 30 minutes.

For the first time ever, medical cannabis patients can now download the EazeMD app on iTunes or the Google Play store and be connected with a physician in minutes. Built from the ground up – EazeMD follows the strictest HIPAA compliance standards, including use of encryption technology to ensure patient privacy.

A Look Back

When the on-demand technology space began to heat up in 2012, tech veteran Keith McCarty took a look at what made the space successful. There were “three pillars” which seemed to indicate success of an on-demand service: frequency of use, ability to be agile on the supply side, and finally – there needed to be an inherently social aspect.

Around this time, a study revealed that for the first time ever, a majority of Americans were in favor of cannabis legalization. After reading the story of Charlotte Figi, a 6 year old child who suffered from Dravet Syndrome and when treated with cannabis experienced a significant reduction in frequency of seizures, McCarty realized medical cannabis would be the perfect industry to benefit from on-demand technology. After curating a world class team of engineers, Eaze launched to bring patients and dispensaries together more conveniently and efficiently than ever before.

Eaze’s advanced routing algorithm enables dispensary drivers to deliver medicine on the most efficient route possible, reducing delivery times to about 15 minutes or less. This is crucial for patients like Jessica Smith* who suffers from crippling migraines which last over 10 hours on average.

“I have about 30 minutes where I can feel the migraine coming on and need to take high CBD medicine to prevent it. Eaze has saved me on a number of occasions when I was out and didn’t have any medication on me. I was able to pull up the app, order the medicine and have it delivered directly to me in under 15 minutes.” -Jessica Smith, medical cannabis patient.

Who benefits from EazeMD?

Amanda and hundreds of other patients who face accessibility issues can now also benefit significantly the two solutions provided by Eaze and now EazeMD. A common myth around medical cannabis recommendations is about the existence of a government list for all patients with recommendations, when in actuality, record of patients recommendations is protected under federal law through HIPAA and cannot be accessed, similar to any other medical documents you may have. EazeMD provides the most secure telehealth video conferencing, and at the most accessible price point of $30. For patients interested in the EazeMD process, they’d simply fill out a short medical history and evaluation form, and are then immediately connected with a board certified physician to be evaluated. No appointments necessary. If approved, the patient is instantly routed to the Eaze menu where they are able to order their medication.

The addition of EazeMD to the Apple and Google Play app stores marks a historic moment for the cannabis industry as the first to marry technology, medical cannabis and telehealth into a single, simple, beautiful application.

**Names have been altered to protect patient privacy

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