Crisis Documentary (English)

For a child suffering from epilepsy, every passing moment is another opportunity a seizure may rob them of who they are. Two families in Mexico fight to gain access to medical cannabis for their children suffering from chronic seizures. There is a good chance a treatment option using Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), a product containing high concentration of hemp oil, can reduce the frequency and severity of their seizures. However, the laws in Mexico prohibit the use and possession of anything containing THC – the psychotropic component of cannabis. As the government of Mexico argues over whether or not medications like RSHO should be legal, thousands of people affected by epilepsy anxiously await relief.

“Crisis” follows these families through their tumultuous journey as they challenged the government’s ban on cannabis based medications. As well as the movement that was ignited by their story, inspiring hundreds of other desperate parents to fight for their children’s rights to a life free of suffering. The first company to provide medical cannabis products in the country, HempMeds® Mexico’s knowledgeable bilingual staff is on hand to help qualified patients in Mexico access RSHO-X™, the first THC-free hemp oil product on the market.

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