Content Usage Policy

How do I use/repost content from Cashinbis?

  • We encourage viral information. Please feel free to share any of our links with friends via email or social media.
  • You are free to republish in full any photos, original images, or podcasts by copying or embedding them and including them in your content, as long as you honor the Content Attribution Policy below.
  • Please only reference or quote up to 100 words of any of our text content in your own blog articles, presentations, documents, etc., and honor the Content Attribution Policy below.
  • Please do not republish in full any of our text-based content on the web. If you are interested in hosting or distributing full articles from Cashinbis, please contact our Business Development team directly.
    • You are free to embed @Cashinbis Show segment clips and preview videos under 5 minutes as long as you honor the Content Attribution Policy.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill requests for original files of any multimedia content.
  • You cannot seek to make money off of our content, claim our content as yours, or publish it on a channel as your own original work. Always share the original link instead of republishing.
  • Please, never duplicate, record or redistribute any of our paid or premium features to others, including downloadable eBooks and live webinars.

Content Attribution Policy

Always attribute Cashinbis as the source, and remember to include the original source link. Do not republish more than 100 words of Cashinbis original text without truncating and linking back to the original URL.

If you want to share our content on the web, and are worried you may be violating this policy, please contact us.

We appreciate those who enjoy and share our articles, podcasts and videos! We’re here to shed light on and educate those in the cannabis industry – please don’t take undue advantage of our free content.