Content Marketing

We have an excellent editorial team that would love to work with you to tell your story, and to help you share what you’re doing with a wider audience. In our 15+ combined years of business development, we’ve come to discover that in order to reach out and gain a customer, you have to be transparent. You have to put a person behind your brand, tell the story behind your product, and give them a glimpse to how you do business. How we can help you do this is by creating original content that can serve as the platform for you to reach your goals.

Entrepreneur Interview Article

Join the ranks of the 80+ entrepreneurs in the cannabis and hemp industry that we’ve highlighted, by allowing our team to dive into your background as an entrepreneur and showcase what you’ve done and what you’re doing to be a catalyst in our space. Our team will highlight and recognize you as a leader in the cannabis industry and give you that transparency you need to reach a wider audience! Review our collection of past cannabis entrepreneurs interviews.

Product Innovation Article

SKUNKBOX_herb_humidor_cannabis_marijuana_odor_absorbing_box_container_secure_case_cashinbis_features_interview_cannaeo_header2Put your product in the spotlight! Captivate current and future customers with beautiful photography of your product and capture their attention by drawing them in with the story of how your product became, what makes it different, and why it should be the very next thing that they buy! This is your opportunity to work with our team to create original content that our audience will love to share with their inner circles, thus giving your product that much more exposure. Review our collection of past cannabis innovation products.

Under the Leaf Business Article

speedweed_aJ_gentile_under_the_leaf_company_daily_agenda_work_atmosphere_ethic_values_goals_carrer_marijuana_delivery_service_cannabis_weed_headlines_losangelestime_article_interview_cashinbis_cannaeoUnder the Leaf is one of our newest content marketing strategies. It’s a ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your business and gives our audience a glimpse into how you do what you do. Again, by being transparent and walking them through your day-to-day operations and branding discussions, you are not only creating a customer, but a fan. And fans are even more powerful because they love to talk about you! You want to strive to create a base of people who not only love your products, but love what you do and how you do it, and this article will definitely give them something to talk about! Review our collection of under the leaf cannabis business features.

Product Review Article

SKUNKBOX_herb_humidor_cannabis_marijuana_odor_absorbing_box_container_secure_case_cashinbis_features_interview_cannaeo_header2The Cashinbis team will take your product and give it a genuine review. This productreview will include an article feature on Cashinbis and have associated media, as we see fit. This can include photos, video etc. Product Reviews include organic pushes to our social platforms and inclusion in the weekly email newsletter. A catalog of cannabis product reviews will be available soon.

Press Release / News Article

Mass RootsCashinbis is a Google News partner, which gives us an edge above other publications. Work with us to get your press release or news out to the masses and know that you have an editorial team that you can depend on at Cashinbis to tell it in the way you deem appropriate. We are no stranger to the field, so expect a beautifully-composed timely article as a result of working with us! Review our collection of press release/ news articles.

Bundle Package

The Bundle package is a combination of an Entrepreneur Advertorial, Innovation Advertorial and Under the Leaf Advertorial. By choosing the Bundle, you save 20%. It’s a one-time payment to have your content placed on our highly-visited website.

Event Coverage

The Event Coverage option includes one published article before the event, one article published on-site during the event and one article published after as an event recap. A member of the Cashinbis media team will be sent out to attend your event and live tweet for the duration of the event. Listed price is based off of a two day event.

Video Interview

The Video Interview package includes the publishing Advertorial of your choice. The Cashinbis video team will host an in-person interview at an event or one of our associated locations, available below. This package includes the cost of editing and an organic push will be made on YouTube after the article is published.

Locations currently available: Denver, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego

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