@Cashinbis: Kyle Turley – NFL Star Advocates for Medical Cannabis

Kyle Turley – NFL Cannabis Policy and Medical Cannabis Advocacy

@Cashinbis host Tim Strombel sits down with Kyle Turley, a two-time NFL All-Pro lineman whose ten years in the league took him from New Orleans and St. Louis to Kansas City. A lifetime of football left Kyle with countless lingering medical issues, from chronic back, knee and nerve pain to mental issues associated with years of high contact sports. However, when it came to medical cannabis, Kyle never considered it an option until his third year in the NFL. Up until that point, he was forced, like most other athletes, to treat his medical issues with a myriad of addictive, prescription painkillers designed to mask his injury rather than contribute to its healing. Then one day, while in his normal state of high-level pain, a future NFL Hall of Fame teammate handed him some cannabis and told him that it would help him. This moment may have saved Kyle’s life.

The NFL is a dangerous, full contact sport and the repercussions from playing years in the league are being substantiated through an incredibly high percentage of Alzheimer’s and CTE cases in retired NFL athletes. However, research is showing that medical cannabis might quite possibly be the solution to this problem, a solution that would help lengthen player careers and assist in the treatment of athletes once they retire. If this research is proven to be true, which leading researchers are claiming will happen in the foreseeable future, than everyone wins. The business that is the NFL will see longer playing careers, and retired athletes will face significantly lower Alzheimer, CTE and suicide rates. Kyle Turley knows, through experience, the impact medical cannabis can have for a player, both during his career and in retirement. He is working to become one of the biggest advocates in the medical cannabis community and we were lucky enough to catch up to him and ask him all about his journey.

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What do you think of the NFL’s testing policy? Do you agree that, with proper research and application, cannabis could save the game of football? Join the conversation and comment below!

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