@Cashinbis: KC Stark & Charles Houghton – MMJ Business Academy

KC Stark & Charles T Houghton Eqs. – MMJ Business Academy

@Cashinbis host Tim Strombel sits down with KC Stark and Charles T Houghton, Esq., of MMJ Business Academy. Their academy helps those with an entrepreneurial spirit profit in the cannabis industry through business consulting, training, legal services, webinars, boot camps, seminars and live streaming. Tim, KC and Charles discuss business strategy, common misconceptions and failures, and how this dynamic has reached their level of success in the cannabis space. What is MMJ Business Academy? What are the 7 steps you should be taking to help your business? Tim asks these questions and more. Listen in.

What do you think of the MMJ Business Academy? Would you attend? Have you already attended? We would love to hear what you think. Join the conversation and comment below!

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