@Cashinbis: Karson Humiston – Want To Land A Cannabis Job?

Karson Humiston – President of Gradujuana

@Cashinbis host Tim Strombel sits down with entrepreneur Karson Humiston, President of Gradujuana. Gradujuana connects professionals and entrepreneurs with only the most thriving companies in the cannabis industry. According to Karson, employee turnover is one of the biggest problems inside of the cannabis industry, and it is a problem that can cost your company thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Gradujuana is aimed at solving that problem and Karson explains exactly how they are doing so in this week’s episode. In addition, Karson and Tim talk about what it is like to be a young, female entrepreneur who is not cannabis consumer as well as what it takes to be considered a great candidate for a position at a cannabis-based company. So how do you get a great cannabis job? Listen in and find out!

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Do you think Gradujuana can help you get hired or find an employee? Feel free to visit their website for more information on how Gradujuana can help you!

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