@Cashinbis: David Schacter – Inside Israel’s Cannabis Culture

David Schacter – American Collegiate Boxing Champ Live From Israel

@Cashinbis goes across the pond for the first time, as host Tim Strombel talks with David Schater, founder of Cannabiscope and current resident of Israel. David is the only 4X Collegiate Boxing Champ in Nevada’s history and the 4th overall in American collegiate boxing. But his accomplishments don’t stop with his boxing career, as David was also a Fulbright Scholar who went on to attain his Master’s degree from NYU. David has spent the last couple of years living around Tel-Aviv, Israel, where he has been able to experience the local cannabis culture in depth. However, as David explains, this is not a new community to him, as he used cannabis effectively throughout his boxing career to aid in his post-fight recovery. In addition to experiencing the industry firsthand, David is a self labeled ganjapreneur, whose new technology, Cannabiscope, is providing the cannabis community with a strain mapping system that is presented unlike any other technology in the space. So how is the cannabis culture different in Israel? What are they doing better? Worse? How can Cannabiscope impact the cannabis industry? How did cannabis help a 4X Boxing Champ’s career? Tune in and find out yourself!

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