@Cashinbis: Cy Scott Leaves Leafly to Start New Startup

Cy Scott – Leafly Co-Founder Successfully Exits and Begins New Cannabis Venture

@Cashinbis host Tim Strombel sits down with Cy Scott, Co-Founder of Leafly to talk about his newest professional venture Headset, Inc. Cy, along with his other two Leafly Co-Founders, successfully exited Leafly to begin Headset, a tech company that will provide insight and education to the cannabis industry. The biggest difference between the two companies is that Headset will be geared more towards the business side of the industry, whereas Leafly was more consumer serving. But how did Cy decide it was time to move on? Why did he become the CEO and Co-Founder of Headset? What are they working on and how will it impact the market? For the first time at Cashinbis, we interview an entrepreneur on how he went from startup, to a national company, to a successful exit and new project.

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