@Cashinbis: Charlo Greene – Go Greene or Go Home

Charlo Greene – Founder of GoGreene.org and CEO of Alaska Cannabis Club

@Cashinbis host Tim Strombel sits down with Charlo Greene, who you may know as the reporter who made national headlines when she quit her job on-air so that she could pursue her career in the cannabis industry. Charlo is the CEO of the Alaska Cannabis Club, the first and only legal cannabis resource in Alaska. Additionally, Charlo is the Founder of GoGreene.org, a non-profit organization aimed at increasing diversity in cannabis advocacy and industry through educational, professional and recreational networking events. What was it like to quit a job on live TV? How did Charlo use cannabis to turn her life around? How is GoGreene.org impacting diversity in the cannabis community? Listen in as Charlo tells us all about it!

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