The Cannabis Industry and Its Roadblock

Cashinbis came into this space with a simple mission at its core – To relinquish the stigma against the industry by educating and inspiring its readers. It started out as something so simple, but has grown to be this incredible multifaceted platform that has captivated the attention of entrepreneurs, advocates, curious onlookers, and investors alike. We are constantly pushing forward with positive results, but we are beginning to see something materializing up ahead that may limit our industry’s potential. The momentum is there, the passion is there, the drive is there, so what is this roadblock up ahead and how can we surpass it?

At Cashinbis, we’re problem solvers. We came into this space when we realized that there were these amazing, innovative minds in this industry that no one knew about. We did our homework, buried ourselves in research, and published our first article on Miguel Lozano of on June 1, 2014 and now have 78 articles published on our website in a mere 7 months. We’ve come to be recognized as the “FORBES of the Cannabis Industry” and that’s something we are pridefully committed to upholding. Our interviews are with innovators of all mediums; there is something to learn about every single one of them and that is how we intend to educate the online community. When you see the facts, the passion, and the face behind a business, you can no longer fool yourself into thinking this is just a stoner phase. This industry is coming of age and is going to change our world in terms of health, discovery, and scientific breakthrough.

This industry is coming of age and is going to change our world in terms of health, discovery, and scientific breakthrough.

But as with any ‘breaking ground’ experience, there is always some sort of resistance and in this case, it all boils down to capital. The matter of the fact is that businesses need money to grow and as we all know, that is a hard asset to obtain in an industry such as this one. Businesses are capped at their potential as soon as their personal funds run out. These are passionate and driven entrepreneurs who are trailblazing the way to create products and services that will change the pace of the business world. They can’t get funds through traditional means because of federally placed restrictions, so how are they to continue growing their business? One proposed solution: Investors.

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Investors are that unique breed of business professional that have the drive and passion of an entrepreneur, but also have the real world experience and financial success to prove that they know what they’re doing. They are the answer to surpassing this roadblock. We are interviewing new business owners every single week in the cannabis industry; these are not people with ideas on paper, these are entrepreneurs with living, existing, profiting businesses that are looking for funds to grow. Cashinbis has become this pool of talent for investors to fish through to find their ideal opportunity. We are publishing unique content daily that dives into the core of the individual; giving a comprehensive look into who they are, what they’re doing, where they came from, and most importantly, where they’re going. We are essentially pre-qualifying these entrepreneurs for the investor community.

Cashinbis has become this pool of talent for investors to fish through to find their ideal opportunity.

As any intelligent person would see, the market potential in this industry is expansive. We, ourselves, are interviewing around 10 people a week and that number is set to increase as our capacity increases. This industry is not short on talent. It’s drawing intrigue from all industries and attracting people from other professions to stop what they’re doing to join the movement. Success is inevitable; this movement is gearing up to grow to unfathomable heights. We just need to collaborate our resources to keep pace with the momentum that’s already there. The black market is estimated at $50 billion a year, while the legal market is at $2.4 billion a year; the more states that are legalized for medical and recreation, the higher the revenue will grow for the legal sector.

We’ve given you the facts, we’ve delved into what Cashinbis is all about, we’ve captured your attention, now let’s put this newfound knowledge to action. Are you an angel investor? A private investor? A venture capitalist? We discover hundreds of new opportunities in the cannabis industry every month and are looking for an investor to partner with to resolve the funding limitations that many of these businesses are facing. We are here to support and drive this industry like many of the other passionate advocates and innovators. Join us and be part of history in the making!

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