California Cannabis Industry Bowling Tournament to Earn $4.20 a Strike For Cannabis Charities

A cannabis industry bowling tournament in Los Angeles next week will fundraise for two cannabis-related charities, in the spirit of the season. Bowlers will have the opportunity to raise money for CannaKids and Marine Qweens, earning $4.20 a strike and half as much for a spare.

The California-touring The Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament series, presented by Supreme Organics, takes place 9 p.m. December 17 at Bowlero Mar Vista in Los Angeles.

This is year three for the cannabis industry bowling leagues and the first for The Big Lebongski Tournament. It’s also the first time they’ve bowled for charity.

The trophy designer, Jim Embrescia (left) and Gary Lane (right) with The Big Lebongski trophy.

Organizer Gary Lane, who became active in the cannabis industry in the 1980s when he designed a board game called Trafficking, said “The Big Lebongski is an event I created – it’s a little bit of a reference to The Big Lebowski. The idea is to make it a cannabis industry event and raise money for charity,” Lane said.

California-based charity CannaKids supplies CBD oil to adults and kids, specializing in pediatric cancer, autism and epilepsy. “We are so appreciative to this incredible organization for their generosity towards our patients,” said Tracy Ryan, CannaKids CEO. “So many families suffer extreme financial hardships when their child is stricken with disease, and it’s events like this that allow us to continue to provide free medicine to those in need.”

Marine Qweenz is an organization whose mission is to educate, empower, and inspire those suffering from the residuals of serving in the military. In November, Marine Qweenz held a cannabis veterans ball.

“We do that through the education of cannabis, fitness, and other natural alternatives,” said Tanganyika “Tangy”,CEO/Co-Founder of Marine Qweenz, “So we are more than proud to partner with The Big Lebongski events to help complete that mission.”

Michael Hurt, CEO of edibles manufacturer Supreme Organics, is sponsoring the tournament. Hurt said,“We are also very proud to present The Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament Series and we hope that everyone out there in weedland comes out and joins in on the fun, especially with such a worthy organization benefitting from your on-lane successes.”

The Big Lebongski trophy is envied as much as The Stanley Cup, Lane said. In year two, it was won by a team called Girl Scout OGs, after a popular strain.

The upcoming tournament’s winning team will claim The Little Lebongski bowling trophy plus each team member scores a nifty bowling pin pipe. The victorious squad is also invited to The Big Lebongski Tournament of Champions on April 22 in Burbank, California – where the grand championship team gets to take home The Big Lebongski trophy.

The Big Lebongski trophy is envied as much as The Stanley Cup, Lane said. In year two, it was won by a team called Girl Scout Ogs, after a popular strain.

“Let’s give this away to the grand champions of a series,” Lane said.

Current Tournament of Champions invitees include local champions from Burbank (, San Diego (The Biff Spliffs), San Francisco (Top Shelf Express Delivery), Sacramento (Pure Life Collective) and Orange County (Green Goddess Collective).

Lane encourages cannabis businesses to put together their own bowling teams and join in.

The team entry fee is $420, which provides a donation to one of the charities, and includes a Supreme Organics Goodie Box, 100% cotton, Hanes Beefy-T, The Big Lebongski T-shirt for as many as six team members plus all games, bowling shoes and awards. Visit the website for more information.

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