Cannabis Industry Bowling Tournament to Earn $4.20 A Strike For Veterans On 4/20

Cannabis industry bowlers will earn $4.20 a strike for veterans at The Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament on Friday, April 20 at the Santa Fe Bowling Center in Las Vegas.

California cannabis companies come together for ongoing The Big Lebongski bowling tournaments, which fundraise for cannabis-minded charities. In December, Big Lebongski teams funded one CannaKids patient’s CBD oil. California-based charity CannaKids supplies CBD oil to adults and kids, specializing in pediatric cancer, autism and epilepsy.

The Big Lebongski Tournament is seeking new teams to bowl in support of the Herogrown Foundation. The tournament is sponsored by Supreme Organics and Edibles List Magazine.

For every strike recorded in the 420 STRIKE-OUT event, edibles company Supreme Organics will make a $4.20 donation to the HeroGrown Foundation.

Formerly known as Grow For Vets, the HeroGrown Foundation advocates for veterans to have affordable access to medical cannabis. The organization recently lauched a new program, Operation AirDrop, which provides members with a free monthly HeroGrown Hope Box including hemp-based CBD products.

“We really appreciate the support of The Big Lebongski 420 Strikeout,” said Roger B. Martin, HeroGrown Foundation founder. “We couldn’t do what we do without events like these that support our lifesaving mission.”

Michael Hurt, CEO of Supreme Organics which is sponsoring the tournament, is an army veteran. “Supreme Organics is stoked to be able to help HeroGrown and as a vet myself, you can bet that I’ll be hollering out a “Hooyah” every time I see a strike rolled,” Hurt said. “We hope that everyone out there in weedland comes out and joins in on the fun, especially with such a worthy organization benefiting from your on-lane successes.”

The victorious bowling team is invited to The Big Lebongski Tournament of Champions on April 29 in Burbank, California – where the grand championship team gets to take home The Big Lebongski trophy. Each winning team member also recieves a bowling pin pipe.

So far, Tournament of Champions invitees include, The Biff Spliffs, Top Shelf Express Delivery, Pure Life Collective, Green Goddess Collective and Edibles List Magazine.

Before the final tournament this spring, the bowling league has a mystery to solve. The Big Lebongski Touring Bowling Tournament series trophy was stolen, in a scenario eerily similar to the rug heist in The Big Lebowski.

How Cannabis Companies Can Get Involved

Cannabis industry teams and individuals are invited to join The Big Lebongski Tournament. The team entry fee is $420 and includes a Supreme Organics Goodie Box, 100% cotton, Hanes Beefy-T, The Big Lebongski T-shirt for as many as six team members plus all games, bowling shoes & awards.

420 STRIKE-OUT Itinerary:

8:40 am – The Big Lebongski “Wake and Bake” Media Challenge
For every strike rolled by a member of the local or national media, $4.20 is donated to HeroGrown and a free team entry is won for the media source.

4:20 pm – The Big Lebongski “Let ‘er Rip” Lebowski Challenge*
Single bowlers can join a mish-mash team of six for a single entry fee of $70 . Play for free if you come dressed as a Big Lebowski character and roll a strike.

8:40 pm – The Big Lebongski Bowling Tournament
What it’s all about…let the good times roll!

Click here for more information on signing up.

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