Cannabis Dispensary Security Hiring Best Practices, Part 4: Relationships Matter

Joel Logan, COO of Las Vegas-based security firm, Reliance Security, is also quick to point out that beyond guard accountability, there are a number of technologies that every facility should consider to maintain transparency and accountability across all aspects of the business. Ideally, the security company you hire is “tech savvy” and has relationships with key technology partners. Bulbulyan agrees, “Absolutely. In this day and age, “[being ‘tech savvy’ and] having relationships with tech innovators is a must!”

“Make sure your security company is “tech savvy” and has relationships with technology innovators.

Joel believes the rapid growth of the legal cannabis industry is fueling significant technological innovation that will further legitimize the industry, while providing enhanced security, business automation, accountability and transparency. Further, Joel believes it is imperative that security companies stay abreast of new technologies and develop relationships with innovators in the industry: “As a security company, we have an obligation to keep abreast of new technologies that provide additional layers of security to our clients.”

While there are many innovative companies, MJ Freeway and Wherefour are two companies that he believes provide essential solutions that can be an integral part of a comprehensive security plan: “MJ Freeway is a company that has proven to be a leader in the industry and we think they offer a valuable technology platform to help companies track and report nearly everything from seed-to-sale. In fact, they capture 36 data points, including date of harvest, strain, plant ID, batch ID, weights of the product throughout the seed-to-sale process.”

Another company Joel is excited about is Wherefour, a new Silicon Valley startup that developed a compliance and cash management/security solution: “As we all know, because the industry is still basically locked out of the banking system, the industry is driven by cash, which presents unique challenges.”

Joel adds, “We’re excited about Wherefour because their service includes payment kiosks that free employees from handling cash and enables the dispensaries to secure and track all their cash transactions. The added security helps dispensaries reduce miscounts, shrinkage and robbery risk, thereby providing a perfect complement to our services.”

Yoela Palkin, co-founder of Wherefour, shares Logan’s enthusiasm and outlook on the industry: “It’s exciting to partner with Reliance, as we’re able to combine our years of industry knowledge and experience in both security and technology to provide a much-needed, rock solid offering that addresses real issues that every dispensary faces today — security, cash management, and compliance.”  

Palkin continues, “The synergy between our two companies puts us in an ideal situation to help individual dispensaries, while providing yet another layer of legitimacy that will address some of the most significant areas of regulatory and legislative concern. We’re optimistic that by addressing these issues, it will help the industry as a whole, and play a key role in continuing to elevate the industry’s legitimacy in the eyes of the government, law enforcement, and the public. And, no doubt, this is a great thing for all of us that work in the industry.”

While there is no way to achieve 100% security completely immune from any security compromise, by taking your security seriously and implementing best practices with a “battle-tested” security and contingency plan developed in close coordination with the “right” security company, you will significantly decrease your chances of falling victim to criminal elements. Likewise, the more attention you devote to security concerns, enables you to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships with regulators and law-enforcement.

We hope you found this series beneficial and provided you with useful information and tips to help you protect your operation. If you’re already “up and running”, we hope the information we provided will give you comfort that you made the right decision, or remind you of any issues you need to follow up on. If you haven’t opened for business yet, this series should provide a good basis to help you make an informed decision.

  • To learn more about Reliance Security and cannabis security specialist, Joel Logan, visit Reliance Security.
  • To learn more about Wherefour and founder Yoela Palkin, visit Wherefour.

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