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Digital Publication Provides Blueprint for Hemp and Cannabis Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs in the hemp and cannabis industries, starting a business from scratch takes on a new meaning. Many are overwhelmed by the challenges of building a new venture in an unregulated (or illegal) market where few have ever tread before, and when it comes to reading up on the industry’s movers and shakers, resources tend to be scant.

To mitigate this education gap, Cashinbis, one of the leaders in business news and multimedia for the cannabis space, is announcing the expansion of its digital content platform and call for contributing writers.

“By opening our doors to outside contributions, Cashinbis will continue to grow as a top news resource for the cannabis space. This industry is being run by some of the most successful, well-educated and driven entrepreneurs America has ever seen. Cashinbis will continue to provide great value for its audience and would love to add more quality individuals to our network.” – Tim Strombel – Head of Media Development

As a business publication, Cashinbis covers topics from entrepreneurship to marketing strategy, while also featuring interviews with some of the most prominent CEOs, investors, advocates and startup entrepreneurs in the space. With a strong following on social media, the company launched its namesake podcast over the summer and is looking to delve into video production in the new year.

The brand is looking at developing new types of content specifically in the realms of U.S. and international policy, cultivation, and technology – all factors that affect the cannabis industry in disruptive ways.

“As the cannabis industry evolves and expands globally, it is vital that all communities have a voice. This is why our team here at Cashinbis prioritizes sharing eclectic content that engages, represents and appeals to all areas of this industry.” – Christine Copeland, CMO

In order to achieve its goal of creating a global network of industry insiders, Cashinbis requires a diverse and knowledgeable pool of contributors across several verticals. Interested writers can apply here for consideration.

Similarly, if you know a cannabis enthusiast, entrepreneur, or investor with impressive writing skills, or a current business or media writer with interest and insight into the hemp and cannabis space, we need your help in soliciting his or her application.

About Cashinbis

Cashinbis is a multimedia company based in San Diego that highlights the most inspiring and innovative aspects of the legal hemp and cannabis industries. Our diverse publishing platform is a careful curation of articles, podcast episodes, and video content that exemplify what it means to be an entrepreneur in this exciting movement. We are experts in digital strategy and believe in using business for good; the cannabis plant epitomizes that opportunity for professionals, entrepreneurs, and consumers in this space.

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