Bud+Breakfast Opens Newest Location!

Joel Schneider, CEO of Bud+Breakfast Opens 3rd Location

July 16th marks the official launch of Bud+Breakfast’s San Ayre, Colorado location. San Ayre represents Bud+Breakfast’s third location and they have now doubled in capacity. The first continental, cannabis friendly, breakfast took place this morning and happy hour kicks off at 4:20 every day. Bud+Breakfast is the premier cannabis-friendly lodging and hospitality company in the United States. Their mission is to provide the legalized cannabis community with luxury accommodations in a safe, comfortable and social environment. Bud+Breakfast is building strong partnerships in the communities they serve and has developed an employee culture that values integrity, open-mindedness, confidentiality, and communication.

What is Bud+Breakfast?

Bud+Breakfast is the premier cannabis-friendly lodging and hospitality company in the United States. Now with three locations, Bud+Breakfast provides cannabis enthusiast with a safe, social and education environment unlike anything else in America.

“Cannabis is legal in Colorado, but there is no where to smoke it! Until now.” – Joel Schneider – CEO Bud+Breakfast

Start Your Day the Bud+Breakfast Way!

Everyday at Bud+Breakfast begins with a complementary continental breakfast they call the ‘Wake and Bake’. Every morning, eggs are cracked and bowls are packed as guests gather in the sunny, communal dining area for a breakfast session. Guests can choose how they wish to get their day going, by either grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, complementary mimosa or an uplifting Sativa strain. A team of skilled, on-site chefs then prepares a gourmet breakfast. Also, Bud+Breakfast has partnered with local bakeries in their surrounding areas to provide bagels, croissants and muffins. In addition, the hotel provides cereals, yogurts, coffee and juices etc.

4:20 Happy Hour

Bud+Breakfast offers the only cannabis friendly, 4:20 happy hour celebration around. Providing hors d’oeuvres as well as complimentary beer and wine. Most importantly, Bud+Breakfast provides the freedom to consume whatever recreational marijuana products you desire.

Who Should Go?

Bud+Breakfast is targeting cannabis enthusiasts ages 21+ across the country. Whether you live in an unfriendly cannabis state and want to experience the culture of legalized cannabis for the time or you are a Colorado resident who simply wants to get away for the weekend, Bud+Breakfast has something for everyone.

“Come out and smoke with your friends and the people you like to travel with. Doesn’t matter if you are with friends you have known forever, or new friends you are meeting for the first time, B+B will provide you a safe haven to become a bigger part of the cannabis community.” – Joel Schneider – CEO Bud+Breakfast

Cannabis Deals

B+B has partnered with local dispensaries to provide the quickest, safest and most consistent delivery of cannabis available. Guests receive discounts, deals, special attention and fast tracked service from a reliable, vetted dispensary. Guests also have the option to consume cannabis using any of a variety of devices provided by B+B, which are cleaned daily.

Bud+Breakfast on 60 Minutes


Bud+Breakfast offers a number of amenities to heighten their guest’s experience, including all the smoking devices you could want (cleaned daily). The hotels also offer in-house infused oil massages, operated by Primal Therapeutics. The massage oils are high in THC, CBD and CBN, utilizing a full cannabinoid spectrum to allow for maximum healing potential.

Off all the amenities provided by the hotel, the most important might be freedom. Bud+Breakfast offers guests the freedom to consume cannabis anywhere on the property, at any time. You can smoke in the dining room, in in the hot tub, around the fire pit, sitting on the patio, wherever! B+B is truly a nirvana for the cannabis enthusiast.

Additionally, a knowledgeable, well trained staff is on hand at all times to educate guests as to the variety of cannabis delivery systems offered at B+B. The overall goal of the staff mirrors that of the company, to create a safe, secretive and social experience around cannabis.

“When B+B started, we were the little engine that could. A year later, we have proven the concept and are working to expand. We’ve already doubled in size. Our locations are open 7 days a week and we are no long the little engine that could. We are the little engine that can and will succeed.” – Joel Schneider – CEO of B+B


With the opening of the San Ayre location, Bud+Breakfast now has 3 hotels and 22 total rooms to choose from. Although the company is only a year old, CEO Joel Schneider does not see B+B as a static company and is anticipating wide-scale growth in the near future. B+B has received numerous inquiries from existing hotels, hoping to join the Bud+Breakfast brand. Interested investors, businesses, hotels or consumers can check out the Bud+Breakfast website here for more details.

Would you visit a cannabis friendly hotel? What amenity would you most want to see while you were there? Join the conversation and comment below!

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