Bigger Than The Fight


Just because someone is rude or petty to you is not a reason for you to act the same way. Instead, take the opportunity to rise above the pettiness to a more powerful and effective level.

You never truly win by fighting. You win by being bigger than the fight.

Rudeness and hostility are unmistakable signs of weakness and insecurity. Don’t weaken yourself by giving in to them.

Choose honest, honorable, benevolent objectives and pursue them with respect, positive action, diligence and understanding. Rather than letting small-minded people pull you down, push forward with integrity and commitment to goodness.

Resist the temptation to be drawn into meaningless arguments, and feel yourself growing stronger and more confident. Live your values in a positive, purposeful way and live beyond the useless squabbles.

Life is too precious to waste even a moment of it on someone else’s misguided negativity. Be bigger than the fight, and spend your life in the service of the truly good and valuable things that matter so much.

Inspiration By: Ralph Marston
Photo Credit: Jean-Maki Simon

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