Leafly: Best Cannabis Consumer App of 2015

Starting in November of 2015, we asked the cannabis community to nominate and vote for their favorite individuals, products, and organizations in the field for the inaugural Laurel Awards.

We weren’t sure what to expect, but we quickly took stock of the major players in the industry as more than 1,100 initial nominations and well over 7,500 official votes were submitted. The top winner by people’s choice in each of the ten categories will hold the honor for one year.



Winner of the Laurel for Best Cannabis Consumer App

Anyone who has ever looked up information on a particular strain of cannabis has probably ended up on the Leafly website or mobile app.

Founded in 2010, Leafly has been around through the thick of the cannabis “boom.” It’s one of, if not THE largest cannabis websites in the world, and the most linked-back-to website in the space by far.

While it used to be touted in the media as the “Yelp for weed,” Leafly’s expertise has expanded to serve both cannabis consumers on the front end, and dispensaries on the back end. Searching for specific products by geographic area changes the way that patients and adult-use customers find their next dispensary to visit.

The site crowdsources user data on hundreds of cannabis strains, based on the overall feeling of each unique “high” and the specific ailments of symptoms that a particular strain can help relieve. A user interested in that strain can then easily locate it at a nearby dispensary, making Leafly a valuable business tool. There are also featured dispensary lists to ensure that users of the app get the very best in quality cannabis.

Leafly also runs a blog that is updated daily with new information for businesses about the cannabis industry, as well as great consumer and general interest content. Overall, the app is a trusted resource for people of all ages to find a variety of solid cannabis information.

To get in on all the cannabis data, visit Leafly.com or download it from the iOS App Store.

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